I am going to a mum and baby swim session tomorrow- i have costume, swim nappies do i need armbands/inflatable rings or do i just have to hold her - shes 11 weeks old??


  • Lily has swimming lessons and has gone from about 7 months of age. She never had any floats etc until she was ready to kick. I won't be buying any for Jacob when he starts lessons either. At our group you just hold the babies and do stuff with them that way.


  • we got to waterbabies and armbands etc arent recommended as can give a false sense of security or something?

    have been taking lo since she was 19 weeks old as personally i wanted her jags to be completed first (although no reason why they have to be) she is now quite 'confident' in the water and kicks and splashes (7 months old) most swimming lessons i think you just hold your baby as thats what most people do when they take lo themselves...

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