Phil and Teds Cocoon (double pushchair)

Jacob is 8 weeks and seems too big for the cocoon already. He fits in it snuggly! Just wondered if this has happened to anyone else and what did you do? Did you start to use the second seat? Lily is happy to walk sometimes but then when I am on my own she prefers to go in the pushchair so taking the single pushchair is out of the question!



  • I had to wait for my cocoon to be delivered separately from my P&S.

    So in the meantime, I used a load of blankets!

    I used ds1's old cot blanket, and laid that as a thick base, then basically swaddled ds2 up in 3 blankets. He was toasty warm as I'd plugged the gap under ds1's feet.

    HTH (and makes sense?! image ) xx
  • Yes it does make sense, thanks!

  • Yes I was going to say, the cocoon is optional, you can still use the pushchair lying flat without the cocoon - or a sling and the single pushchair for Lily?
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