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Hi ladies,

could you please recommend me a good baby sling (or advise which one not to get) as hubby goes back to work next week and as DS likes to be held I could do with one so that I can do other things at the same time as giving DS mommy cuddles image




  • im using the cybex one from mamas and papas it was in the sale. Very comfortable as i use it alot like u will be in the day. lo goes to sleep in it.

    I found babasling useless and the cybex can be used till 5 (not sure i would want to carry a 5 year old) but it can be worn in a few diff ways
  • Thanks for this, DS in only 3 weeks old though and they have to be 3 months old for this sling.

  • Hi I'm G/C but I'm thinking of buying the moby sling, they look really comfortable and some ladies in my DIA forum have said they are good, if you put moby sling in google they should come up xx
  • I have an ergo carrier, it holds him close to me, he is comfortable and its pretty weightless. They are expensive, but they hold their value, can be used til 3 years & there are a couple of shops on ebay that do them brand new but better priced. x
  • mei tai slings are fab! i started using them when LO was 4 weeks old and she is still in the same one at 21 months old and weighing 29lb8!!!!! they spread the weight evenly and the baby sits nicely (there is a pic of my LO in her sling in toddler forum in the latest sling topic)

    i would avoid at all costs any type of harness carrier such as the baby bjorns, tomy ones as they have the lovely nickname of 'crotch danglers' as that is exactly what the baby does, they dangle with all their weight on their crotch which isnt very nice for them.

    i got mine from and you can get more info from

    the moby slings also look really good. not tried them myself as it would of been too fiddly for me (limited mobility in my hands)
  • i love my moby and so does dd, she nearly always falls asleep in it. I've used it since she was 3 weeks old shes now 21weeks and still loves it. Once you've tied it a few times it's dead easy. I usually suffer from backache when carrying something but the moby spreads the weight and doesn't give me backache either so another plus in my book.
  • Thanks for your suggestions ladies.

    A friend of mine is going to let me borrow her sling to see if DS actually likes it before spending money on one, so will keep these suggestions in mind if he does decide that he likes it image

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