Sooo angry!

My ds1 came up to me at toddler group carrying something in his hand saying 'look what i've got mummy' - it was a lighter!

One of the grans at the group had been carrying her cigarette packet under her arm (at a toddler group!!!) and the lighter had fallen out without her noticing.

A mistake undoubtedly but why in the world was she carrying such things at a baby group? It gives me shivers to think what could have happened to my boy if he'd figured out how to use it. Ended up having a fight with her and now I feel horrible.


  • OMG, I'd have gone off my t*ts!!!

    I understand that accidents happen, but it literally takes one second and the unthinkable could have happened.

    Hope your ok and not shaken up by the arguement?

    Silly woman she keep her fags, lighters and all other bits in a zipped pocket or bag! xx
  • Oh I just hate fighting with people, but i was beyond livid. I'm still shaking at the thought of what could have happened to my lovely boy. I pretty much leave him to his own devices at toddler group so that I can deal with his baby bro but it looks like I'm going to have to watch him like a hawk just to make sure he's safe. Unbelievable isn't it?
  • Although its probably something she hadn't given a thought to, she had no right to be carrying her cigarettes and lighter around like that in that kind of environment. Was she sorry?
  • She did come over to talk to me but I just told her that I was too angry to listen to anything she tried to say (her idea of an apology was to say that she hadn't realised it had fallen out of the packet)and I basically wouldn't let her talk - I just wanted to be left alone so I could get my boys together to go home. Maybe not too mature on my part but I just couldn't trust myself to be civil. I don't think she understood why I was so angry with her! Not looking forward to seeing her next time, she is really rough, wouldn't put it past her to thump me!
  • Thats what I do too when I take ds1&2.

    Ds1 goes off and I just find a spot, sit and get settled for the 2 hours!

    She won't have a clue, and I'd have been the same hun. I'm better left alone or I say something that I regret or gets me in trouble! lol xxx
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