Travelling with new baby

Hi ladies, thought you might be able to advise me!

Have to go to NZ in Nov and am now due 1st baby in Sept so thought flying all that way with a 2 mnth old wouldn't be fun. May now be going in Jan.

How would you feel about this? When you had your 1st what were you like when they were 4 mnths old..would you have been up to travelling the other side of the world? Or would it have been too much too soon? (it's for a family occasion so will be a busy 3 wk holiday travelling around meeting relatives when there) X


  • Hi we went on holiday with lo last year and he was about 6/7 months and this went quite well, i only had to do 2 hour flight but had all the waiting etc. You just have to be quite organised, and pack feeds in travel bag etc but it can be done and to be honest think it alot easier to travel when they young as they stay still sleep more etc, we thinking of flying again this yr and am thinking how do i keep an 18 mth (roughly old he'll be when go) entertained and still lol!!

    Also have done traveeeling just in car for about 3 hours and again it easier when little as they nap more and that, the last time i went with lo before xmas (13mths) he started to get fed up of being strapped in seat for so long!

  • We travelled to the US when ds1 was 4 months old and it wasn't too bad. He managed to poop all up his back just as we were coming in to land and weren't allowed to go to the toilet to change him and in fact couldn't get to a toilet until after we'd got through immigration. That wasn't ideal! Other than that he slept most of the way.
  • My friend just got back from taking her 4 month old to the US and said the travelling was fine, the only problem was the jetlag, her lo was up from 1/2am most days (thinking it was more like 7) and then by the time they got back had the opposite problem. Tbh I'd rather have done that sort of journey when ds was 4 months than now at 8- he was easier to handle then, would sit still and sleep lol x
  • Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about the jet lag. LO was ok on the way over but after we got back it took him a good few weeks to get back into our usual routine.
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