Silly Anxious Mother Questions. Long and slightly mental!


Jason will be 5 months and 2 weeks on Monday. He has quite a flat head at the back which has always bothered me but my hv just said to encourage him to look from left to right etc. I've done all the usual stuff to try and correct it and I thought it was starting to round off but now people have started to comment on it which really upsets me. What is wrong with people!

Anyway, I am worried about his fontanelles. The one at the front is tiny and I have to really root around to find it. Its off to one side and is about 1/2 cm wide and only a mm or so deep. Do you know if that is normal at this age? The one at the back has closed completely and in goes in a bit like a finger pushed his skull inwards.

Also (now this really is crazy so bare with me). From when Jason was born I always though it looked like he had two sets of upper gums, the normal ones and a tiny second one running inside on the roof of his month. Well I was rubbing on bonjella last night and the lines on the roof of his mouth are really rough and sharp like tiny sets of teeth! I can't get a good look at it though because he starts thrashing his head from side to side. Has anyone else heard of this?

I am seeing my hv on Tuesday so I'll run it past her but just wanted guage what I should expect her reaction to be lol!


  • O can't comment on it all but I always thought Logan looked like he had two sets of gums on the top!! So I guess it must be normal?

  • I must say that Sophie looks like she has two sets of gums on the roof of her mouth too, so it sounds like it could be normal. I don't know about the fontanelles though but do remember that someone posted about them closing early. Can't remember for the life of me who that was though.
  • Hi Hun!

    My god daughter had a really flat head when she was a baby, it was so bad that the GP refered her to a specialist, he said that it was flat but not what they would consider concerning, trust me insider how it could have gotten any flatter! He told my friend that in time it would rectify itself! She is now 4 and her head is completely rounded again and is gorgeous!

    I do remember a post of here about fontalles closing early and from what I remember if it does happen it's a small operation to re open them, i would imagine thi would only happen if they completely shut, I would ask your health visitor just to check!

    As for the gum problem incant comment but I would just ask your HV about it!

    Hope your ok hun!


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