Nursery- Is This Acceptable?

Hi Ladies,

I just looking for some advise and for someone to tell me if I'm overreacting or if I'm right to have some concerns. DD is my first and only child (for the moment) and she has been at Nursery since the beginning of December when I started work. I really studied the Nurseries in our area and this one checked out really well (good facilites, good ofsted report etc). DD has been really happy there too and has settled in quite well. She goes on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday (Thursday), she was refusing feeds and food and had hardly any water. She almost looked as if she had something stuck in her mouth becasue her cry was different and also when she was 'talking' her voice sounded different. She has a Chest Infection so I thought it may be this. Anyway, I bathed her, attempted to feed her (she took 2oz when she usually takes 8-9oz) but she got herself in such a state so I calmed her down and put her to bed. DH came in from work and said he was going for a shower before tea. All of a sudden, he shot into our bedroom and DD started Screaming and Coughing. My Mum and I ran in and DD was projectile vomiting all over her cot- I completely freaked out because I was so shocked and she was quite distressed. My Mum went and bathed her again as she was covered, DH and I went and stripped her cot down to clean and I found that she had thrown up huge whole broad beans! We don't eat them in our house (its about the only vegetable that we don't) and so I checked her Nursery Diary and it said she'd has Shepards Pie for lunch on Wednesday. I called Nursery this morning to tell them what had happened and the lady who runs the office said to me (quite bluntly) "well did you tell us that she needs her her food mashed up?!" She started when she was 7 Months and when I first took her I told them that we mash her food so it has texture and also let her have finger foods like toast soliders, rice cakes etc (items that will go soggy in her mouth and she can 'practise chewing'. I'm all for her trying different things and she does have a go at a lot of new foods but should a baby of this age be able to chew broad beans (with 2 front teeth) because she didn't and it ended up lodge in her throat for a day and a half! The lady in the office made me feel like a really fussy mother but I pay a lot of money for her to go there and at the end of the day its my child- something that can not be replaced!

There are some other things that have also been on my mind but I don't want to complain as I really like the girls who look after DD. Am I over reacting about these too:

- She has come home several times with another babies dummy

- One night when I collected her, they couldn't find her trousers so I had to wrap her coat round her legs

- When I collected her one evening, I noticed she had really red cheeks and they said she had been teething quite badly that day. I took her Temp when I got home and it was 39.6!

-They have put her in other childrens clothes even though I take her in with 2 spare sets every day.

-Incomplete daily diary sheet so I don't know what she's had or done.

-When I collected her last week, She was in a Baby Grow that I had packed for her and the couldn't find the clothes she had gone in with!

In the information I got for the Nursery, it said 1 Nursery Worker per 3 children, when I collected DD on Wednesday, there were 8 children (babies) and 2 workers- surely this isn't right either.

I don't want to sound like I'm moaning and being picky but some other Mum Friends of mine have said that this is not acceptable!

What do you think?

Thanks- sorry for the long post!

Kim x


  • IMO this is certainly not acceptable and I would have gone absolutley mad if this had happenned to DS. Personally I would not be sending my DS back and would insist on a meeting with the manager to discuss what's happenned. Coupled with your other worries, I'd have grave concerns about the care they are offering.

    Sorry you're having to deal with this

  • I don't think that's acceptable. Whilst I guess it's difficult to ask you before they try every food, I'd have thought broad beans were very challenging for a baby with 2 teeth who is used to mashed foods.

    More importantly though, I think their attitude isn't very good. She should have taken your concerns more seriously. The rest of the incidents could possibly happen in isolation, but there seem to be a lot of things and unsuprisingly, it's undermining your confidence in them. I would arrange a meeting with the manager as soon as possible to go through your concerns.
  • I wouldnt think so either!!. My Sister in law works in a nursery and I don't think they should have done half the things they have.

    They should complete the diary everyday. I would also check on the staff ratio as well.

    Did you get a handbook when you joined the nursery?
  • I agree with the other responses, this is definitely not acceptable. Not only have they given your daughter a totally unsuitable food for her age they have'nt even recorded on the sheet that this is what she has eaten - maybe if they had you could have pinpointed what she had stuck in her throat earlier. Along with this it sounds like they were downright rude when you quite rightly questioned them about this.

    Situations like this make me so mad, you entrust your child into the care of these people and they just let you down. How can you ever 100% feel that you child is being cared for properly.

    I agree you should raise your concerns with the manager there, pull your child out and make a formal complaint. It sounds as though they need to start choosing there staff a bit better.

    Hope your daughter is ok now

  • G/C That is disgusting. I would also think about raising your concerns with Ofstead too and they can then consider whenther they want to look into the way the nursery operates, particularly with the food issues and her diary, as this should always be completed and communicated to you.

    DD is 2 now and since I went back to work she has been to 2 nurseries and a childminder. I had to report the first nursery to Ofsted over concerns I had, but understand they did not take it further. Her second nursery is wonderful and she and my new baby will be going there again when I go back to work. I have been advised by my friend who works in a nursery also to report the childminder as levels of care were not adequate but as it is OHs mother I am reluctant to do so.

    I have found that the nurseries with the outstanding report recommendations and waiting list was actually the worst one. The one she will be going back to had a good report but not perfect, but it is small, well run and the staff listen and care.

    Good luck with what you decide.
  • Well out of order sweetie - you are her Mother and you have a right to the very best for her and that she ain't getting right now! Complain, very loudly, and do not leave her if you are not happy.


  • This is definately NOT acceptable, I used to work in a nursery and none of this would have gone on!! You say you like the girls that look after your DD but it is their responsibility to make sure all the things you have listed are done accurately! I can't believe they lost her trousers? How is that possible?! I would definately look for another nursery! xxx
  • stuff like this makes me grateful i have someone i know and trust looking after my child when i go back to work. I don't think i could ever let my baby go to a nursery, sorry to say but i've heard too much bad stuff about them.
  • G/C from DIMarch

    I think its completely unacceptable and would have made complaints before at the lost clothing and lack of communication, that's before the gross negligence come into action! Where were all the staff while you DD was trying to eat these broad beans??? If the care is 1 in 3 surely they would have noticed her struggling?

    Im really sorry that you are having to go through this. I would be so angry and upset too.
  • I am a very laid back mummy but have to agree that the nursery are very wrong and you really should complain. Good luck, hope LO is ok now xx
  • Sorry, I haven't read all the comments, so I'm probably just repeating stuff. :P

    I think this is extremely unacceptable, especially considering she's only been there since December and all those things have happened already!

    I would make a formal complaint, talk with the Manager, and if all else fails... Change nursery.


  • That's awful, she must have been feeling awful with those stuck in her throat, personly I wouldn't want to send her there again if their response is so complacent! X
  • I'm with the other ladies with this, it is TOTALLY unacceptable and I think you have every right to complain and also report them to Ofsted! xx
  • you should complain. The 3 to 1 care is a legal requirement, so its definitely wrong that they had 8 babies between 2 of them. All the issues you have are quite serious, you aren't over reacting, especially given how much nurserycosts!
  • Definately not acceptable! You have every right to complain to the manager and to Ofsted. This is your childs welfare and safety and there is nothing more important. Have any other parents said anything?
  • I this was my baby I would withdraw her and demand that this be investigated. None of the things you list are acceptable. The nursery sound lazy, incompetant and badly run. I wouldn't send her back either.
  • Thank You all for the replies. DH and I have been discussing it all weekend and we've asked around a few people we know and asked what their opinions are. Everyones response seems to be the same. Think I'll try and book some holidays from work this week so I have a bit longer to try and sort something out.

    I struggle so much even leaving her with family so this has completely shattered my confidence image
  • Sorry, I'm G/Cing (I had a nosey because I am putting my DS back into nursery next week) and may be repeating what someone else has already said, so apologies! IMO your instincts are telling you something is not quite right, and we have instincts for reasons so I tend to trust mine. With our kids, you just can't take any risks.

    Hope you get it all sorted, and hopefully you will find a nursery that restores your confidence image xx
  • I agree with the others. I have never had any of these isuues, and would be very upset if I did. I didn't even base my choice of nursery on the OFSTED report, just that the kids seemed happy and one returned while we visited as they missed everyone! (Obviously we looked at other factors!).

    Definitely put in a complaint. xx
  • G/C.. i would make a formal complaint about all of that!

    i do not know any 8-9 month olds who could eat whole broad beans. my son is 3 and a half years old and i still wouldnt give them to him whole!

    they should know as a nursery that a child that young cannot cope with food like that and the woman that gave you attitude should have a slap!
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