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I never had one for DD but am considering getting one for the new baby. I just wondered if any of you had them and would say that they are worth the money?


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  • My bumbo seat has been fantastic. Its so easy to transport places too. He loves sitting in it and is able to explore with his hands confidentaly. I would certainly say 'yes get one!'. I think that they are in the sale at mothercare too at the mo x
  • My dd LOVES hers and I find it brilliant. I take it every time we go to someones house so that she's got somewhere to sit and it's especially handy now I'm weaning her. I also pop her in it in the bathroom while I have a shower. I know that some babies really don't get on with them though so maybe it's worth hanging on until your new baby is about 3 months and trying them in one (a lot of our baby groups have them). Or try looking on ebay - a couple of my friends have got them for less than a tenner including the tray. At least that way you can sell it on with hopefully no loss if your lo doesn't like it image
  • I'd definately advise trying before you buy if you can because they are quite expensive and babies seem to either love them or hate them. My dd liked hers for about three weeks and then kept trying to escape from it so I had to stop using it. I'm undecided whether to keep it for no 2 or whether to sell it to see if we can get some of the money back.
  • I was loaned one thankfully as lo hated it! Would have been so handy for initial feeding etc but she's only entertained it a few times without having a hissy fit - I think its because she hates to feel confined (also hates the car seat although she tolerates it these days!).

    Fortunately she did like her high chair and would happily sit in that while I did the washing up/tidying up/cooking etc so I spent alot of time in the kitchen for a while! lol.

  • We used it to wean LO (she was weaned at 21 weeks) as we didn't get a high chair until she was 6.5 months and it was great for that. Because it's so portable, it was great to take to friend's houses to feed her - I still do and she's nearly 9 months! We got ours from ebay for ??15 including the tray
  • like one of the other girls said, id try and borrow one, iv got one that i bought for my son and he used it a bit, then i had my daughter and i can probably count on one hand the amount of times she went in it because she just cried and wanted to escape. im going to put mine on ebay when i get round to it, they fetch quite a good amount on there...x
  • We use ours all the time and DS loves it. Ours has a tray so we can put toys on to keep him amused. You can get them on ebay and also on your local netmums board for about ??10-??15!

  • We got one for our little boy but he hasn't been overly keen on it. However we haven't put him in it recently. We paid about ??9 for ours on Ebay. I'm glad we didn't pay the ??30 or whatever they are in the shops. Like some of the others have said i think it's a bit of a love it or hate it item. x
  • I would definitely recommend buying second hand. Ds was happy in his for a few weeks, then he decided he hated it and spent all his time trying to escape, I was going to sell it but it's sitting in the loft as will kick myself if the next one loves it! x
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