problems weaning...please help

I'm having an absolute nightmare weaning my little girl, she turned 6 months on the 11th and she just refuses any food, I did try weaning her about a month ago but she didn't seem interested, then she got a tummy bug and was ill for a few weeks so the Hv told me to stop weaning until she was better, I've been trying again for about a week now, I've been trying to give her baby rice at breakfast, she just closes her mouth and turns her head or gags and spits it out, so I thought maybe I would try baby porridge instead, but I have the same problem, I then thought I would try her with jars of food instead but she still wont have it. my friend suggested giving her bits of banana or veg to try, so today I gave her banana but she wouldnt have it from the spoon, I had to put little bits in her mouth, she seemed to like it but refused to swallow it, anyway a few mins later she must have swallowed some and was violently sick everywhere....... I'm really struggling with this and dont know what to do next, any suggestions ladies???? :?


  • Oh hun hugs to you - have you contemplated baby led weaning? I'm not fully read upon it as I started weaning my little lady early on purees and she's so greedy she eats most anything! but it might be a good option as you're lo gets to "choose" for herself and though she may not much nutrition to start because she's on charge maybe she'd take to it better?!

    I things improve for you soon xx
  • thanks for your reply, to be honest I haven't really looked into BLW. Maybe I will look into it and see if its an option.

    I'm at the end of my tether, and I just get so frustrated.

    I wanted to wean her at 4 months really but I felt guilty because of the regulations etc and a few friends told me not to but to be honest I really wish I had because i think it would have been much easier.
  • I would keep doing what you're doing as it sounds to me like you're doing absolutely fine, I weaned earlier at around 4.5 months but I remember in the early weeks she wasn't totally interested but soon "got it" - baby rice is vile (imo lol) so I moved onto baby porridge too! After that we tried purees of simple flavours like carrot, pear, apple, broccoli etc - but as your lo is older then BLW could be the way forward xx
  • Hey, g/c from toddler, I would say that if she's refusing then maybe she's not ready. Just because she's turned 6 months doesn't mean she's automatically ready. I would give it a few days and try again - the last thing you want to happen is for you to get stressed and for her to get apprehensive every time she gets put in a highchair.

    Is she showing signs of being ready? Supporting herself properly/interested in your food/sitting? What about (as someone else suggested) going down the BLW route? With my LO I did a combination of finger food and spoon feeding, worked well for us but BLW has worked well for others - I can't really comment on it as I haven't tried it.

    I started Sara on sweet potatoe puree and butternut squash puree - they both puree really smoothly and are quite sweet to the taste - remember breast/formula milk are both sweet. However, as I said before I would wait a few days and try again tbh - if she's pushing it out with her tongue and gagging then I feel that suggests she's not ready, maybe use the extra few days to get in the kitchen and cook a few batches of veg to freeze in ice cubes, its great to have them in stock.

    Also, can I ask why are you starting with breakfast? Maybe your HV suggested it. What worked for us was to start with lunch - this was between milk feeds so she was a little peckish but not starving, not tired and I felt comfortable feeding veg at that time of day!

    I hope I haven't been too blunt - I'm tired and when I'm tired I lack tact!!! Hope what I've said is helpful,

    Liz x
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