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Our little one is 2 weeks old now and we really want to do a hand and footprint as a keepsake (for us and probably grandparents and great grandparents too). I know they do kits etc for this, but wondered if anyone could recommend one?



  • There are so many out there, mothercare do a small canvas paint kits one for ??15 the kit comes with 2 small canvas and a pot of paint pink and blue, i also bought a 3d casting kit from Babyrice, ??30 and hoping to use it this weekend, so i shall let you know how easy it actually is. I known others to use the kinda putty set and that seems easy and straight forward more rustic looking.
  • Not used it but if you have a Home Bargains near you they do a set
  • I got a casting kit from Creative Castings for my son and it was quite difficult to do to get the perfect cast. Im a bit of a creative person too :? You need 2 people to do it and you need to do it fast! And with bubs cooperating (best when they are asleep). It's a bit like plaster of paris but with a live model! I actually did it 3 times and had to order extra product as well cos the first 2 attempts had air bubbles and even the third attempt isnt perfect - I have to position the hand and foot so that the toe/finger with airbubbles ie holes dont show. So this time round with DD I am paying to have it done as i spent just as much with the kit and didnt get the result I really wanted!

  • Afraid I chicken out of doing my own but could recommend Imprints at John Lewis.

    Did this for both ds1 & ds2 with full hand and foot prints and they are perfect. ??105 well spent in my opinion as still smile every time I look at them.
  • Im loving the John Lewis imprints too. Mine was ??69 for a hand and a foot imprint.

  • thanks - didnt know JL did anything like that, but it looks really good image
  • Hi my lo got bought a Mamas and Papas handprint kit for a present. I finally got round to doing it last week and to be honest I'm not v impressed. The footprint is ok but the clay around it doesn't look great- it's dried with lots of dints, which I couldn't get out when it was wet. Now it's dried and in the photo frame it looks ok, other than than the clay won't stick to the mount :[ wish I had got it done professionally but I think she maybe too old at 7 months?!
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