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ahhh opinionated rant i am afraid



  • what's the big deal with an iphone give me a fancy holiday anyday :lol:
  • moonbeam,

    i put my hand up to being a stupid glasses wearer :lol::lol::lol:
  • Maenad - I think you have justified yourself. The next time you're down the pub with an expensive gadget and a pint, complaining that you can't afford a cot, more explanation may be needed, but you're fine for now. I may be wrong, but I don't think your situation is what summer is talking about. I may be even more wrong, but I think you know exactly what she's talking about. And the Being Obtuse Award goes to.... you.
  • Actually Em I was replying to you and your comment about people living off the hard work of others. Because technically I do. ANd I know you'd never judge me because I've spoken about my circumstances - I was just trying to illustrate that it was a fairly sweeping statement and that maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge - there are always stories that we don't know.

    We've got an Elantra. I don't think I've ever met another Elantra owner before. Good car.

    I don't really understand how it would make sense to sell an iPhone for peanuts then have to spend out on the remainder of a locked-in contract with no phone.
  • Oh, just to add, not in a mardy way. I was just pontificating. I've terrible insomnia at the moment, so just treat me as if I'm stoned. I certainly feel it.
  • omg really - you have an elentra!!!!arent they great - though i was thinking about buying a flat cap and a pipe becasue i think generally the prerequisite for owning one is to be over 75!!!

    With regard to sleep - i hope you get it sorted soon - i personally havent slept properley since a colleague at work had a termination. Seriously need to stop taking other peoples problems home.

    EmilyB - love you x
  • Yeah, it was my car and is now DH's. It's brilliant as a family car because the boot is so fracking ginormous.

    Now I want a flat cap and a pipe. I drive a Mondeo estate now, which goes like the clappers but still isn't especially hip and groovy. Oh, for my single days and my souped up Escort with tinted windows!
  • its huge isnt it?!

    I sold my gorgeous Ford Puma for a Tobytastic car - and whilst i do miss my skinny sporty car days - i wouldnt have it any other way!
  • PMSL piggypops I was too until I got the old eye balls zapped - best money I ever spent!!!

    Summer my response was not in response to you xx
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