Baby monitor recommendationd pretty please!

Hi ladies - can anyone recommend a monitor. This is the first area hubby & I can't agree on! He's getting all techy and I am baffled! Help?! :roll:


  • Hi Mrs EH - I have got the angelcare sound and movement monitor.

    It has a pad that gets placed under baby's mattress and an alarm goes off if baby stops breathing. A little paranoid, and pricey I know but it certainly helps me sleep better at night now that LO is in his own room!

  • Oooh that's interesting snugglenush - that's the one hubby wants! Maybe he is right after all! Hehe.
  • LOL I guess our OH can be right sometimes!! I have to say it is the one I wanted the minute I started looking. I was worried it could be sensitve and go off when really it shouldn't but the only time it has ever gone off is when I have taken LO out of the cot and forgotten to turn it off!!

    There is another make that do a similar one but I don't know much about it.

    Babies r us often have quite good deals on it - and if you join the mothercare baby club they often have money off vouchers if you spend over a certain amount on baby monitors.

  • Hubby wanted to get the Angelcare one when I was pregnant - we held off buying until after DD was born and ended up with the BT 150 its not a movement sensor but is a really good monitor and does't seem to get any interference at all. DD was in NICU for a while and me and hubby got a bit too obsessd with the monitor traces so we decided that we'd go for a simple monitor as we didn't want to get like that at home - I don't think the angelcare would have given us peace of mind but other people who have it say its great.
  • We have the Tommee Tippee sensor movement monitor and it has been fab! It gives us great peace of mind and it can be so sensitive that I can actually hear DS breathing on it. We got ours from the Asda baby event for around ??40ish, it's also in their baby event thats starting this week.

  • Thank you ladies! My concern with the angelcare monitor was that it would constantly go off, so Im pleased you said it doesn't! I will have a look in the Asda baby event - starts Tuesday doesn't it? Thanks for the tips ladies. Interestingly you've all suggested the three we were looking at!
  • I started off with the BT 150, which was fab and very high tech, but as L was my first I needed the extra reassurance, so I got the TT one in the ASDA baby event, which is a life saver. I was finally able to sleep, lol. We have had 1 false alarm in 6 months, and I think that was my fault as L was not really placed over the monitor and he wriggled off it, but I cannot recommend it highly enough, and for ??40 it's a very good price. HTH xxx
  • We bought the BT150 and it would've been great, but DS is a tummy sleeper (*waits to be stoned*) so we bought the Angelcare sound and movement one as it gives us the reassurance.
  • + 1 for the BT 150, it's great.
  • We used the BT150 and bought an Angelcare Movement only sensor monitor. Now DD is 9 months we just use the BT150 for sound x
  • So sounds like Tommee Tippee or Angelcare. This has been very helpful ladies, thank you. Hubby will be pleased! Gosh, you ladies are very quick to respond! Perfect for an anxious first timer. x image
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