Silly question alert, how do I...

cut my babies nails? Or do I file them instead? DS is just over 3 weeks old and his nails are getting pretty long and sharp, what's the best thing for me to do?




  • It's not a silly question! I just nibble DS's, but I know that's not for everyone. You can buy little nail scissors for babies.
  • Up until recently I nibbled them too lol, now I use nail scissors which although not easy I do find that easier than nail files image
  • several ways, u can nibble them down, use a baby nail file, baby nail scissprs, or i use baby nail clippers from boots x
  • I used baby nail clippers. When she was little I'd do it straight after a feed when she was really dopey - now I rope in DH to hold her still!
  • I use baby nail clippers - when she was little I cut her nails while she slept now I do them at bathtime as she tends to hold still(ish) for me
  • I nibble ds1 & 2's nails! They giggle at me as I make it a big game! xx
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