What is your weaning routine?

I am just starting to wean my lo. At the moment he's just having a little bit of baby rice at tea time. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be aiming for in terms of number of meals and number of milk feeds in a day? What is you routine? What time do you give your lo milk/food and how much do you give them?



  • I only started a couple of weeks ago and so far I dont have a routine, Lo will have some porridge/weetabix and some pureed fruit at lunchtime and at teatime he will have some pureed veg and a different fruit puree, and perhaps a bit rusk or baby cookie to suck on, but its not set in stone, for example last night at teatime he just had some fruit, no veg, as we were at the in laws and I forgot the bag.

    He still has his bottles too.
  • To start off with DD still had her 5 bottles a day and porridge at tea time. After a week or so I moved porridge to breakfast and started giving puree at tea time.

    When she turned 6 months I phased out the tea time bottle so she now has

    Baby cereal / weetabix and a bottle at breakfast#

    Bottle at lunch and afternoon

    Savoury and pudding for tea

    Bottle at night

    I'm strating to think about introducing lunch soon as she's on lumpy foods like bolognase and doing well with fingerfoods too.

    I give her bottles at the same time as solids and have found that her milk intake has increased - however I know alot of people give solids in between milk feeds. I think I read that they should continue to have 4 milk feeds whilst weaning - if FF about 20oz a day. When you intrpduce more meals really depends on how your lo progresses - go with your instinct you'll see when his apetite increases.
  • at the moment we do -

    7am get up - 715/730am milk feed 7oz usually

    then sometimes wants another 4oz at 8am (may introduce breakfast soon, lol!)

    11am - 2oz milk - solids at 1130am - usually 3-4 cubes of veg,wee bit of baby cereal and some yoghurt

    1145/12 - rest of milk feed so around 5 or 6oz

    3pm - afternoon milk feed about 4-5oz usually and 'finger food' type snack so a little bit of fruit or Ella' baby cookie/steamed veg etc but this is really more an experimenting thing, not a lot gets swallowed!

    5pm - 2 oz of milk, then solids usually 2-3 cubes of fruit puree and some protein eg chicken or lentils etc plus a dessert if wanted eg yoghurt/rice pudding

    645pm big milk feed before bed about 7oz usually goes down

    not all of this food goes down, it's highly variable! we are trying to move towards a more baby led style, but it's slow work because we started early on paed advice due to silent reflux and had to do purees, she now expects that and gets upset if just offered bits of our food, lol!
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