Dribbz Bibs - any good?


Soon be joining you on this board - had a quick question! Has anyone tried the Dribbz Bibs, and if so what did you think of them?

I think they are mega cute - but wondering if they are a waste of money!! :lol:


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  • Hey hun

    I got 3 for LO for when he started slavering all the time, I love them! I am going to get more, they are excellent for when we are out, a lot smarter than an actual bib. They are like part of the outfit.

    I honestly cant praise them enough. I got mine online fro a lovely lady who makes them, 3 for ??10 and they came really quickly. I will go get the details if you want to have a look. But yeah I say definitely get a couple and see what you think.

    Mel x
  • YES! I ordered three for ??10 from the website as mentioned above (by the other samuel's mummy!), and I cannot fault them!

    Keep meaning to order some more. They are so absorbent, his clothes stay dry even though the bib is soaking wet. They still look brilliant even after going through the washing machine loads of times!

    Definitely recommend them xx
  • yep they are ace!

    i also used the website above, which has hundreds of different ones and they are really good
  • Thanks - that's really great!! I thought they looked great, but with the amount of stuff on sale you don't need I was starting to wonder if I was being a little spend happy!! ha ha

    Right I'm now off to order them - thanks for the replies! image
  • 3 for ??10... which website is this - the dribbz.co.uk one? xx
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