How much sleep does a 14mth old need in day ?

Hi all,

Just curious really as my DD is now 14 mths and has been walking for about 6 weeks. She seems to get tired much more easily than other babies of her age. We usually do an 11-1pm sleep but she is still very ratty about 4pm and at the nursery today she had 3 hours - 10-11am and 1pm-3pm. Is this normal? She is currently going through slightly mad tantrums and had a screaming fit thro dinner, thro bath and up till bed tonight. She is teething as well. I really though at this age they would need an 'after lunch' nap of about 1-2 hours but we seem so far off from getting that far !! Any comments appreciated. S XX


  • my ds is 13 months and has been walking everywhere for the last 4 weeks, he has always been a good sleeper, but i have noticed that since he has been running around he has needed longer daytime naps, he wakes at 7.30am and is ready for a nap at 9.30am (i normally let him have 45mins) as we then normally go to playgroup or a music class etc, he then sleeps 1-3pm and goes to bed at 7pm. They are using so much energy and he is also teething with all 4 molars coming through at the same time so i think this is another reason for extra sleep. I am happy to go with it, there was a time when he was 11 months where a couple of times a week he was fine with just one middle of the day nap but for the moment he is needing 2,

    sorry for rambling :lol:
  • B transitioned to the 1 nap at around the same time he started proper walking which was near 11 months. It was a bit early imo! but I go with what he needs rather than fight it (he would not go down in his cot for 2 naps). He is up 630am/7am and doesnt go down til around 12/1230pm and will nap anywhere between 1 and 3 hrs. If he wakes before 2pm I keep him in his darkened room for down time. He is in bed at night at around 730pm. He does get ratty in the morning and lunch can be a battle if he is like this so for the past 2 months or so I head out at 930am somewhere and he has a catnap in the car but after experimenting with this I found that he can only have 10-15mins, any longer and it disrupts his main nap (ie delays it or makes it really difficult to get him down and he then becomes overtired, or he ends up with a short nap which isnt ideal as it becomes a difficult long afternoon til bedtime!)

    If they are on 1 nap it's ideal to try and push this out to around 12pm so they dont have such a long stretch in the afternoon. That's what I did with the transition but still felt he couldnt get through the morning without that 10min catnap - when hubby doesnt get him to catnap on the weekends the day turns out very different! :roll:

  • Thanks for your replies - yes she is on the go ALL the time so I suppose she will get more tired. She wakes anytime from 6-7:30am (depends if OH has woken her up when he gets ready for work !). If she has got up early then she will have a cat nap in car about 9:30am and then I can get her down at 1ish for a couple of hours which is much better but doesn't always work that way as so much depends on what we are doing that day ! She has a late lunch most days as for example she fell asleep in car on way home from rhymetime at 11:15am so is now in cot and should sleep for a couple of hours - so lunch will be 1:30ish !! She goes to bed at 7pm so is getting a good 13-14hours sleep a day ! Wish I could have that much...... :lol:
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