Bored - 3 Month Cabin Fever

Hi all,

My little boy has just turned 12 weeks. I am starting to get a bit down with the repetitiveness of my week. I basically spend the days in front of the telly entertaining my baby between his bouncy chair, a couple rattle toys and rocking him etc. Although he will sit content while I get on with some things it's not long enough for me to really do anything productive.

I just wish away the week for the weekend when hubby is home.

I have looked for classes/groups to join and not much in my area apart from baby massage which starts next month.

I try to get out the house with him but I can only go to the local shops so many times without spending more money on stuff we don't need!

Anyway I am wondering what other ladies do to keep themselves from going crazy? I don't have many friends so I guess I am getting a bit lonely too.



  • Are there no classes whatsoever near you? I think the key is to get out as much as possible to classes, even if you don't actually think the class will be any good, the change of scenery will do you the world of good.

    I think the cabin fever will well and truely set in if you try and stay at home all day, it's not good for either of you.

    Editted to add; also, try, maybe you could find someone in your area to meet up with.

    Also, check if you have a local surestart centre, they run lots of classes and are a great way to get out and about. xx

  • Ah this was me first time round! Surestart centres are a godsend. Other than that I used to go to the park for a brisk walk. The local library was good for meeting people, they held baby rhyme time which was free and by the time I walked there and back it was an afternoon gone.

    Or local swimming pool held baby only sessions (not lessons, but they did nursery rhymes and had toys in the pool).

    I also had to talk to people! Very hard at the time but I have made a couple of good mummy friends from being brave.

    It gets better I promise.

    Serena x
  • Hello there

    I don't really have many things to recommend other than what has already been suggested but I just wanted to let you know that I am in a similar situation to you. My lo is 18 weeks old and whilst I love spending time with him, I am starting to get a little restless these days too. I used to do a very busy job before I went on maternity leave, so the current state of affairs is very different for me. I have been reading some books (mostly related to baby, eg about weaning) and watching DVDs or films that I download from the internet or trying to think of little projects to do each week, like print all the photos I have of him and create an album, etc, etc.

    All I would say is to try and remember that these precious times with our little ones will go fast and never come back and we are fortunate enough to be able to spend time with our babies, as there are many new mothers in other countries that have to go back to work very soon after giving birth and I am sure they must envy us.

    hope this helps

  • KKnow what you mean about needing to get out, it really foes make a difference to your state of mind! Have you looked into baby sensory? I have some friends who've done it and they day it's great. Try googling it and you'll get their website and you cam put your postcode in to see of they have a class near you. Surestart is a good idea and you could always ask your hv for details of local classes.
  • have you tried the 'meet a mum' section on Netmums. I found myself getting cabin fever and already went to a couple of classes but didn't really get any time to 'talk' to anyone, just kind of came and went and it was expensive! On Netmums there is a local meet a mums section where you basically post some details about you and lO (think web dating for friends lol) and people reply. I have met 3 fab mummy friends through this who I now (a year on) I see weekly (sometimes more!) and it's been so nice having some proper baby friends for my LO and have someone to talk to! For me I didn't have any friends with babies so was just getting so lonely but also found that there was people nearby in the same situation - in fact one of my new friends lives on the next street! xx
  • Do you have a local NCT group? They quite often have bumps and babies groups that you can attend even if you aren't a member image
  • hiya - find out what is happening at your local childrens centre. I registered with mine and was a bit worried about going along, but found I really enjoyed it and its mostly free! Our local centre has a weekly baby group with lots of toys and they have themes, eg. treasure baskets, messy play, water play etc to give you ideas for things to do at home. There is also a baby massage class and a singing group for mums and babies under one. I really loved the singing group as it reminded me of all the songs ( and actions!) and we quite often have a singing session at home now! She doesnt know that i cant sing in tune lol! The childrens center also organise trips to the local swimming pool with staff fromt he centre to help you (gave me confidence to start going with her on my own), nature walks and trips to local tourist attractions. If you havent got a childrens centre near you look on the Netmums website as there are details of other baby groups in your area and quite often your local library will do a free bounce and rhyme session! If all else fails go for a walk with the buggy - you can talk to your lo and show them the cars and ducks etc image
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