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my lo is 12 weeks young and normally feeds every 3-4 hours with his last feed at midnight and his first feed of the day at 8ish however, last Saturday he hardly slept all day so was overtired by the evening, he had his usual feed at 9pm and we managed to get him to sleep about 11pm ish and he slept through till about 9am the following morning meaning he went 12 hours between feeds.

I thought this was just a one off since he hadnt slept much the previous day but he has also skipped his "midnight feast" the past 2 nights as well so I am now wondering if I should wake him up for a feed?? He is usually good at waking for his wee boy likes his grub lol.

Any advice/help would be much appreciated,



  • If he's gaining weight ok, I'd let him sleep. At 12 weeks sleeping through the night without a feed is brilliant! Mine's been going 10-11 hours between feeds overnight since 8-9 weeks - but still at 29 weeks I can't quite get her to do 12!

    If he's feeding 3-4 hourly during the day he should be getting plenty
  • Just wanted to echo what sunflower said. If he's hungry he will wake up. My ds2 is 8 weeks and he has a bottle between 8pm and 9pm the sleeps until about 3am the after that feed he sleeps until between 7am and 8am. I stopped waking him for feeds at 2 weeks as he will wake me if he's hungry. Your lo sounds like my lo stocking up during the day so sleepng longer on a night (he has 7oz bottle every 4 hours). I would just leave him hun.

  • agree with the others, if he wants it, he'll let u know...aslong as he's taking his other feeds fine, not seeming exttra hungry then don't worry. very lucky lady! x
  • Hi girls,

    Thanks for replying - first time mummy worrying about nothing lol!!

    His weight has never been an issue with the hv but that might change with him dropping this feed, will get him weighed next week when he goes for his next jags!! He normally takes between 4-6oz at each feed, occasionally only 2 or 3!!?

    To be honest I think its just a fluke, cant believe he's jumped from 8 hours between night feeds to almost 12....however I will enjoy it while it lasts image

    Thanks again!! xx
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