Waking out of habit?

My daughter is 18 weeks old and has previously for the past few weeks slept 7-7. She used to wake up in the night and settle herself back to sleep, so we would let her fuss a little before she dropped off again.

For the past week or so she's woken at 5:30 and made a fuss then started crying, so I've offered her food and she's downed 7oz. She's now consistently woken at 5:30 and done the same for the past week; due to it being at 5:30 every day is it likely that she's doing it out of habit or just because she's hungry? I assume because she's hungry because she has so much milk.

She still goes back to sleep afterwards for another 1-2 hours, and it doesn't bother me too much, I just want to see whether people think it's something that she might stop again!

Tried giving her extra milk last night and she took a total of 12oz in the hour before bed and still woke at 5:30. She'd usually have 8oz before bed.

She's a big girly and 18lb+ at 18 weeks so it wouldn't surprise me if she just needs more food. xxx


  • If you're offering milk every time it does sound like it could be out of habit. Or have a think about if there is a noise at that time of morning that could be waking her - eg the heating coming on, street cleaners, neighbours getting up etc.
  • I'm pretty sure there's no noise waking her at that time, as we live in a quiet cul de sac in a detached house so there isn't really any external noise, and the house is usually silent.

    The thing is that she wakes a few times during the night and always goes back to sleep, it's just this one time she won't go back to sleep, which makes me wonder. x
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