Sorry if I'm being a bit ignorant, but I just had a question about Rusks that I wondered if people could help me with.

As far as they go for a first early weaning food (which I keep reading about) - surely they're the worst possible given they're processed, full of sugar (and probably salt too), and contain wheat, which isn't suitable until 6 months?

Am I missing something with them? If so, why do so many people feed them to their babies?!

This isn't meant to cause an arguement about early weaning or what to feed your baby, but I'm just curious I guess, as it seems a bit strange to me. xx


  • I agree with you that they're a very odd food to start with. If you want to give your baby a biscuit type food at a young age there are lots of sugar free alternatives by Ella's Kitchen etc. Now my LO is 16 months I have no issue with him enjoying treats in moderation, but I really didn't see the point of him having a sugary rusk at 6 months old when he knew no better.
  • I don't realy get why people start their babies out on a rusk as a meal...? Seems like it would encourage a sweet tooth to me.

    Ds1 has probably only had 2 rusks in his life!! :lol:

    I forget to buy them when we are shopping as there are so many alternatives. xx
  • Glad it's not just me who thinks like that then!

    I don't intend to try Sophie on anything containing any sugar until 1 at the very earliest, partly due to guidelines and partly due to my horrendous sweet tooth - I don't want her getting that!

    Until then, I will protest with all my might that veggies a treat, yum yum!! haha xx
  • That's a very good question. I don't know either image

    I'll be avoiding them there are nicer things to give as a treat!
  • Louis still thinks raisins are sweets!!! image image xx
  • haha that's hilarious Sarah! Good job!

    I suppose if you didn't know then you'd think they were, not the most appealling sweets to look at but you're definitely onto something! xx
  • H e has never had real sweets!! Never seen them I don't think!!

    I don't know why he thinks the word "sweeties" is better than "fruit"...?!

    But he has got to nearly 2 years thinking raisins, apple and banana chunks are sweeties!! heehee - naughty mummy!!! xx
  • TBH I think it might be that people don't know better. I've always known Rusks to be something that babies eat as this has generally been the norm however after being on BE I've learnt that they are full of rubbish. DS isn't 4 weeks old yet so I've not looked in to weaning etc so I may have come to that conclusion myself after looking at them more closely.

  • I have never given my babies rusks.

    Why waste them on babies, they are delicious little beasts. Eat them all yourselves!
  • Blake has had the occasional Rusk and he enjoyed them..... But mummy enjoys them more..... mmmmmmmmm
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