sharing room? also in pregnancy

my son is 2 and my second due in may, we may have to move and downsize from our 3 bed, but im worried about the baby sharing with my poor sleeper 2 yr old. i wouldnt put baby in with him until they were sleeping threw but i wondered if im worrying to much and actually own bedrooms is a luxury? do yoir kids share?


  • At the moment, ds1 is 23 months next week and still having the off night now and then.

    Ds2 is 19 weeks tomorrow and still in our room. (not sleeping through by a long stretch)

    They won't be sharing when ds2 leaves our room. But that isn't to say they will never share.

    We are lucky enough to have a 3 bed, so the option is there for us and them.

    I wouldn't worry too much... your son's sleep might well improve with time.

    And don't rush in getting baby in there to share, until you are convinced they are both ready.

    I think it is nice for them to have a bond and share their space.

    My cousins are 11 and 7 and they still share out of choice, despite my Aunt upsizing last year. xx
  • thats true, i guess i am also thinking about space, 1 room for all there stuff!
  • Do you know if your having a boy or girl?

    DS1 has tonnes of toys. But ds2 doesn't have much so far!! I suppose in a few years it will change. But then, ds1's toys will get less and less in amount as he gets older and one toy occupies him for longer.

    It'll be ok. You will find a way to work it out. Maybe if you get somewhere with a dining space, you could turn that into dining room/come playroom? xx
  • My two share a room (4 yrs and 9mos) - we moved DS in a few days ago. All ok so far - he is sleeping through most nights. DD sleeps like a log though!
  • no wont find out till birth!
  • do any of you have a flat?
  • Not a flat, but the tiniest 2 bed cottage in history. If you are clever with storage it's totally doable, I swear!
  • ha ha i hope so , its a crap decision to make 2 bed falt in area we love or 3 bed house with garden in are we dont!
  • Sorry for G/Cing

    We have just moved from a 2 bed Flat to a 3 bed house!If the flat had plenty of storage then we may be still there. It was difficult keeping a small area tidy all the time, the other things you may need to consider is practicalties such as washing. In our flat there was nowhere to hang it so had to depend on a tumble dryer lots. Also when was summer we were stuck in side because the gardens were tiny and so over looked. If you are happy with using tumble dryer and don't tend to use a garden etc so much then i would go for it image
  • the garden doesnt bother me as i go out to park most days,the washing side of things is apoint although i use airers and radiater, but in summer i would miss my wash line!
  • My twins share - one is a good sleeper, the other BAD.

    Most nights Adam doesn't wake Toby (goodness knows how) but prob about once a week he does. Toby will go back to sleep without needing anything - but ot can be an hour of 'cooing' before he does.

    Wou;d love a room each, but it works for now.

  • my ds and dd will be sharing once dd is sleeping through and moves out of our room (no sooner than 6 months, 5 months to go lol)...we've painted their room a light sage green so it's nice and neutral, and they have their own name canvases above the cots to make it their own space, iyswm.

    we're in a 2 bed flat, we have a fairly large balcony with room enough for table and chairs and water play table etc, plus we're not far fromm the beach and park, so plenty of outdoor space nearby, also have a washer dryer, as electric heating (grr) so no rads or anywhere to dry clothes in winter, but in the summer we have a line for the balcony. we are going to have to be quite ruthless with toys though,atm it's ok, but dd willl start having more andmore toys around soon too, atm we have giant toy box in living room plus bucket of toys, playmat and ds's worbench and bouncer chair (sit's on top of toy box when kids go to sleep) and in their room another toy box,plus ds's garage and motorbike rocker, we take turns in switching the tub, rocker and garge around to the living room, and some of the toys to and from each room...lots of underbed storage bags lol, under cots, under bed, on top of wardrobe etc etc...we only have one storage cupboard and thats full with the hoover and various other bits that aren't flat, ironing board is down side of wardrobe lol.
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