Screaming baby- unsure why?!

Can anyone help me? My 7 month old has recently started to scream and get so upset and Im unsure why. She has reflux which is under control & has been for months. Shes been on solids since 4 months and is enjoying her food. We're in a good routine and she sleeps well. She's generally a happy baby. However, over last few days she has had screaming fits. Today she screamed for nearly 2 hrs, shes slepping now but is still sobbing. Over last few nights, she has let out a few screams and then settled herself. I thought it maybe her teeth, I've given her calpol & bonjela but they dont seem to do anything. She's biting on everything but that seems to be the only symptom to do with teething. Am I missing abything? I hate seeing her so upset :?


  • Hi i've just made a similar post about my 8 months old before I saw yours & I think were on the same thread here!

    My LO was so content, great sleeper etc.. but lately she can be really hard work.

    At night she goes down quite well but throughout the night she suddendly lets out a scream not a full blown cry but does this loads and fidgets & throws herself around the bed whilst she doesn't actually fully wake up.

    Does this sounds familiar? Has yours had a sore bum?

    Mine always has fingers or something else in her mouth & dribbles but not massively.

    I mean to check her gums when she's asleep but by the time she's down i'm that b***oxed I forget!

    It's got to get better soon eh & so heartbreaking/tiring? xx
  • try nurofen it works a lot better for my DD with teething than Calpol. she was a bit like that for the week or so before her first two teeth came through. just a thought though- have they been upping her meds properly in line with her weight for reflux? Dd has/had terrible silent reflux and her Ranitidine suddenly stops working sometimes and it's generally because her GP hasn't upped the dose in time?
  • Thanks for ur replies. Goldengirl my lo sounds same as urs! She has something constantly in her mouth & is v noisy chewing it! I don't think she fully wakes when she screams out. She hasn't had sore bum but has been bit blocked up & v solid poops! Tennison&1 I haven't tried anything other than calpol so think I may. She hasn't had her med dosage upped & was 4 months when she started the ranitidine so il check that out. Thanks. Fingers crossed for a calm day tomorrow!!
  • I remember my son doing this when he was a year old, actually he wasn't screaming but he was crying for an hour, well this is not because something is wrong he just can't get what he wants, but I was also bothered when he was crying for an hour and this lasted for about months! (Though he's ok now and he's 3)

    Anyway, why don't you take your DD to the doctor and let the doctor check her mouth? so you will now have a clue what's making her scream and you will now have an idea on how to treat it.
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