clingy baby help

I'm hoping someone can give some advice.

My 20 week old is soooo clingy, he just wants to be held all day and I can hardly put him down. I've tried all sorts, he sits in his bumbo in the bathroom while I have a shower which buys me 5 minutes of peace, he has a play mat, a vibrating rocking chair, a door bouncer - he likes them all but will only stay in any one for 5 minutes at a time - I just can't get anything done.

I've tried to get dressed and ready to go out 3 times today but he's screamed so loudly to be picked up that I've given up trying and me and ds1 are still in jammies. I can't bear the sound of him crying any more.

Please don't anyone patronise me by telling me to enjoy the cuddle time (yes, I know that soon enough he'll be too busy for cuddles) and that the housework can wait (believe me, the housework is waiting, the place is a bombsite) but I need to get dressed, get ds1 dressed, prepare meals, wash clothes, check emails and play with ds1 - these are not things that can wait until ds2 gets over the clingy phase. Also a sling isn't much of a solution because my laundry room is too small to fit in with a baby attached and I won't cook or use knives etc while wearing the bambino.

There must be something I can try??


  • jumperoo? DS wasn't happy in anything until we got him a jumperoo!
  • I feel for you I really do, mine has only just started being a cling on at 35 weeks & im putting that down to teeth.

    Before now she has been fairly easy to entertain for half hour slots.

    I agree Jumperoos are fab, Lily got one for xmas & I know she is safe in there while I nip to loo etc... however now I think she might be teething she only likes it if your sat with her.

    Can your LO sit up in a high chair yet, I used to get all my kitchen jobs done by putting her in the highchair with tray & toys attached & she was happy to watch me.

    God it's so hard I know, sorry xxxx
  • mine is similar at 3 months now he will sit in bouncychair for 30 mins so i bathe with him next to me do housework etc while he goes in chair.

    This means i dont get alot of time to play with him as he only sleeps on me in the day so i do what i can wen hes awake.

    How old is your other child cn he entertain him whilst you do your jobs?

    If im needing the toilet etc i do let him cry as like u if i had another i wouldnt be able to run straight away.

    Hope things get better. I wish i could get someone like the baby whisperer in to help me get it right lol

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