Anybody know how you get the bookstart books? I had a leaflet about it my daughters birth certificate pack but she is now 7 months old and I havent yet received anything. I only see the health visitor now when I go to get her weighed at the drop in health clinic once a month. Is she supposed to give me one there?


  • Hi there,

    I was given our first pack by HV when she came to do the 8 month check - but I know that not everyone gets this check in all areas. Worth asking your HV next time you're at clinic. Or alternatively, I believe the library give out the later ones so could ask there too?

  • I picked up LO's first pack at the local library x
  • Ours will be given at the 5 month check by the HV. Ask your HV.
  • i didnt get mine at the 8-12 month check i'm gonna ask at baby clinic tomorrow where i get it x
  • We got ours at our local library. HV never mentioned it and lo is nearly 6 months!!! It's lovely and you can collect stickers and get certificate. I am much more excited than Sophia!!! (I was a bit of a geek at school!!!) xxx
  • we were given ours by a library worker who came to the sure start centre i attend.
  • hmm freya is nearly 8 months and there is no talk of an 8 months check. i will ask th hv next time i go to the weighing clinic. Maybe its better in some areas than others image
  • I asked my HV at a weigh in at baby clinic when DD was about 5 months old and she got her bag - think it might be slightly diff't up her in Scotland but she was actually meant to get it at her 6 WEEK check apparently!
  • I went to try and get ours from the library yesterday and was told that we couldnt have the first pack until 8 months.
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