What's the deal with all the secrecy regarding the price of an icandy?!?!

So I fell in love with the icandy peach blossom today after seeing it in the flesh. The nice lady in John Lewis gave me a quote of about 950 for 2 seat units, chassis, one carrycot and raincovers. I thought I'd come home and research cheaper place on line (after all, anything they sell in JL you can get cheaper elsewhere!) but the prices are so damn secretive!

Anyone got a peach blossom and if you have, where did you get it and how much did you pay (if you don't mine me being nosy!)?

I saw you can buy the carrycots on ebay for about the half the price which I would be happy to do as it would have only been used a short while and I will only be using it a short while.


K x


  • we have had the same problem with the pear, they reckon they can only sell it through certain companys to guarentee selling the product well or some rubbish like that, we have been a few places and they all seem to be priced pretty much the same but we are trying to get a second hand one off ebay as new with all the bits would cost about 1k! eeek
  • A place in Oxford e-mailed me back PP and their overall price is 50 quid less but they stressed that they can't sell it over e-mail or over the phone! I would have to purchase in store! It's really frustrating. It does work out pricey, doesn't it? The flippin' footmuffs are 80 quid each! image But, boy, do I love it. Think I'll be stalking ebay too!
  • he he i know! the pear is the only one with the combination i want and the option to go to a single pram when DS is walking confidently, i sooo want it :lol:

    the pears go for about 400 seconds hand but the peach is a little more as its newer so maintains resale alot better x
  • did you try LO in the peach seats, our little fatty didnt have much room hence the pear!
  • yep when we bought our pear last july it was the same, all secret, something to do with they don't want 'all and sundry' to own one, they want to keep it an 'elite' buy or something, so by being secretive people assume it's waaaay too much, we were gonna get it second hand (ebay) but my mil decided to buy it for us!...sounds like u've got a fairly good deal there though, last july JL were selling the peach for ??1085 for 2 seats plus carrycot (inc chassis and raincovers)..would've thought the price would've gone up, with the vat rise and all?
  • PP - didn't think to try her. Will do that next time I visit!

    WowBabies - that does sound like a pretty good deal then, doesn't it. I'd just hate to pay one amount for something when somewhere else are selling it cheaper! Can I ask...do you think the LO at the back will be able to see much (I see from your signature your LO is probably still in the carrycot)? The first thing DH said was 'What the hell's the one at the back going to look at?!'!
  • I have a peach blossom - it was an all in price with carry cots - seats - adaptors - car seats and isofix.

    Got it from Baby nest in croydon ??1300 for the lot. It was cheapest we could find.

    Selling it now - if you're interested?

  • Totaly G/C as don't know anything about this pushchair but thought I'd mention this website www.preloved.co.uk which is full of advertisments of 2nd hand things including pushchairs, some brilliant bargains to be found - worth a look!
  • Hey BB. I may very well be! Do you have it listed anywhere or shall I send you a message? x
  • hey,

    sorry to g/c thread, I don't know the exact price of the blossom but when I was purchasing my peach (single) the best price I found was from babyequipmentcomplete (google will bring it up).

    Fortunately it was very local to me anyway but they do delivery thru the uk and currently have 10% off their icandy price ranges. They were already cheaper then JL BEFORE i took off the 10% when I brought my peach last year..........worth a ring?

    I brought mine over email/phone with them image

  • I got the iCandy Peach for ??650 on peekaboo.com. That included raincover, pram bit, stroller bit and foot muff. BUT I had to do a lot of emailing of stores to get their prices.

    I think it's iCandy stating that they cannot publicise their prices. Ridiculous really.
  • don't have it listed - just send me a massage

  • Thanks girls - that's a few to investigate. I agree it's ridiculous - especially if some stores will sell over the phone / email and some won't. BB - will e-mail you shortly x
  • hi again, we have the pear, and i'm certain she'll be able to see from the back hen she goes in to the seat...the peach is smaller than the pear though, seats are smaller, but so is he chassis, which does mean thy're closer together so doubt they'd be able to see as much...definately try ur lo out in seats, and perhaps take a look at the baby jogger city select too (they have those in JL) as it's very similar to the pear but with more combinations seat wise, last year the pear was ??685 inc 2seats carrycot and raincovers, and the baby jogger was roughly the same xx
  • just wanted to say that babyequipmentcomplete is a fab website. I bought a babybjorn highcahir, they price matched it against bambino direct (who after researching I wouldn't touch), they deducted VAT and shipped to me in the channel islands. I had it 2 days later and they were really helpful.
  • i got my pear, ??295 off ebay, cant wait to pick it up tomorrow, just need a carrycot now! happy shopping x
  • Thanks again for all tips and advice. PP - that's a fab deal! How exciting! Enjoy playing with your new toy today! x
  • I know its a total pain in the arse, especially if you want to shop around for best price! It's supposed to be the same price in every shop - but it often isn't.

    I had the same problem when I was pricing the 'Apple Jogger'

    Cheapest place I found was up in Newcastle (I live in Surrey) but they would sell via email / phone and post to me.


    anyway in the end we popped into a John Lewis to try it out first and niether of us could collapse the bloody thing! The shop assistant took 8 attempts, so we went off it and changed our minds!

    Good luck with the i-Candy secret society :lol:
  • i love love love it!
  • why would ANYONE want to spend 950 on a fricken stroller? you can buy a second hand car for that!
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