At the end of my wick, is it her teeth? HELP!!

Hi all, my LO is 8 & half months & has basically had a personality change in the last 2 weeks.

She is very irritable after being so placid & doesn't like it when we leave the room but the biggest nightmare of all is bedtime.

She used to sleep straight through 8pm to 7am but now she screams every 20 mins or so (although doesn't wake up as such). I can settle her back down but it just goes on like this ALL night. One of us now has to sleep in the spare bed the other with her in our bed.

She seems o.k other than this - she has very little sleep in the day though, had a sore bum last week but o.k now, not off her food, not excessive dribbling, no red cheeks.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant & my eyes look painted on.

P.S. I cant feel anything for the brief few seconds she lets me in her gob before going crazy!

xx :?
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