Help me please! I'm so tired!

I'm really hoping someone can offer some advice or something new to try!

My LO has always been a good sleeper, woke once or twice for a feed when newborn and slept through the night from about 12 weeks! She is now 22 weeks and 3 weeks ago moved her into her own room, she settled in really well waking a couple of times a night as she had lost her dummy but always settled well after!

This last week however has become a nightmare with LO waking literally every 20 mins and I swear it's not an exaggeration! Hubby and i are tired out, last night at 3am after a week of this we gave in and brought her through to our bed where she settled and slept solid, she's still asleep now!

We've tried everything we can think of but when she cries the only way to settle her is by picking her up and as soon as we put her back down she either cries straight away or working 20 minutes! This all started after she had her injections!

She is still happy enough during the day, eating well, smiling, cooing etc!

We've started offering her a bottle when she wakes but she's not interested, the room is always between 19-21c and we dress her in a short sleep vest, long sleep baby grown and a 2.5 sleeping bag!

Im really stuck as to what to try, i don't want her coming onto our bed the norm but also can't go another week with no sleep!

Anyone any advice as at this point it would be Sooooooooooo appreciated!




  • Hey hun,

    I feel your pain.

    Ds2 is 19 weeks and wakes a few times a night. He was going through, got a cold and now it is like he has regressed.

    Has your LO learnt anything new in behaviour?

    Often, they have periods where they wake and we can't see a reason, but it is actually because they have something they have just learned!

    Otherwise, room temp ok? Not hungry?

    It could be habit too... and she knows you will come and you will pick her up.

    Sorry I can't be more help, but you aren't alone xx
  • I can't offer any advice i'm afraid but just wanted to say your not alone.

    My 35 week old is actually doing the waking every 20 mins thing whilst she's in our bed!

    Cot/own room? - forget it!!!!!!
  • Poor you and DH, sounds horrendous....

    Any sign of teeth coming through? Have a feel with your finger along the lower ridge at the front.

    Maybe she'd sleep better on her front or with the cot slightly raised?

  • I'm going to make a controversial reply and ask how you feel about sleep training? It does not have to involve leaving your baby to cry for hours but there are certain techniques that can be used to help you LO start to sleep better again and in turn for you and your OH to get some much needed sleep too.

    I came across a site called Baby Sleep Answers (and know someone else on BE has used it) where they have a support forum and an online team who you can post questions to and they will post back suggestions on anything regarding your baby's sleep. This provides ongoing support with your initial problem and then any following 'blips' with your baby's sleep.

    You do have to buy their book (and you should also read it, it's only short!)to get access to the forum but in my opinion it's worth it, they've been there to help me on many occasions. You don't have to buy the book through them, you can get it on Amazon for cheaper.

    May not be your cup of tea but basically they know ALL the techniques from 'gradual withdrawal' (a 'no cry' solution) to (shock horror) 'controlled crying' and the many variations inbetween. They don't expect you to do anything you're not comfortable with but do make you feel like you're not an unreasonable or irresponsible mother for wanting/needing your baby to sleep better.

    Might be worth a try but i can also say that one of the most valuable lessons they taught me was that things are generally just a phase with babies! Maybe you just need a little direction in helping your baby remember how to sleep and settle back to sleep on her own.


  • Hi Becky.

    Have you trued swaddling? It helped Jason for a good wee while. He would go into a lovely deep sleep and it feels like he is being cuddled by mummy when I put him back down in his cot. It doesn't seem to be helping with his current sleeping strike but it was a life saver for a few weeks.

    I'm sure youvare desperatevfor sleep with your new bun in the oven!
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