For those of you who weaned early!


I weaned LO early, on advice, and wondered roughly how much your babies were eating by 23 weeks!

LO still has 4 6oz bottles per day, for breakfast we have baby porridge mixed in with some fruit pur????e and then at dinner she has a vegetable pur????e!

At what point did you add the 3rd meal and when did you introduce a desert after her evening meal, by desert I mean fruit pur????e or something like that!

And when did you start to cut down milk feeds!

Thanks and sorry for all the questions!




  • Terrible that lo is only 8 months and I start to get hazy about what happened when lol - good job I have a memory book for key milestones!!!image

    I introduced the 3rd meal when lo was around 6.5 months, I also weaned early but did take it slowly. I use the 3rd meal at lunch to try finger foods as she's older than 6 months - my mini attempt at BLW I suppose lol.

    I would say she was around 5 months when I introduced dessert with her evening meal - once I had got past introducing basic flavours and was happy she was taking to food well. I did the same as you suggest and she had pureed apple, pear, rhubarb, raspberries etc to start with - it's only now I give her fromage frais and other things.

    She's now on 3 7oz bottles a day, she just drank less and less of her mid morning bottle so the last week I've not given it and she doesn't seem to miss it - I give her water in her sippy cup instead incase she gets thirsty. I just went with what she wanted on this rather than reduced her milk - when they start eating they don't have much so need milk (in my opinion lol).

    HTH xx
  • Hi

    I weaned my lo early and started with a breakfast when i started and it was proabbly a good month or so before i introduced the next stage and as at this age i was only really offering tastes and a couple teaspoons. Think i varied it and sometimes gave savory and then sweet so he was learning new tastes, you'll be able to sense when your lo can take more to introduce pudding but it was probably about 5 and 1/2 months befoer my lo was having pudding of fruit pot or yoghurts.

    And with regard to the feeds, he began by still having all 4 and he just started dropping or not having all so i took this as cue to drop feed and slowly give more food!

    My lo is 16 mths and still has bit of milk now but only a beaker in morning and some at night.

    HTH xx
  • I think I started at around 20 weeks with one meal per day, then added one meal per week, so LO was on three meals per day by 23 weeks. Once he was on three meals, I started offering desserts image

    When I started weaning, LO was on 4 milk feeds per day. I dropped the 11am one quite quickly (so prob by 24 weeks) but he is still on three milk feeds per day now at 11 months!

    How long have you been weaning for? I think it's only classed as 'early' if you start before 17 weeks.

  • Hi not sure when I introduced the 3rd meal but Lily was certainly having breakfast, lunch & dinner plus 20oz a day.

    Porridge/weetabix, then pureed veg & meat for lunch/dinner with a petit filous or bannana & custard for dessert.

    She is 8 months now & down to 16oz plus the 3 meals - sometimes she really isn't bothered with the milk though.

    She was weaned at 4 months.

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