Bit of a silly question...


I have always wanted to use reuseable nappies, and now I am expecting my first child I'm looking into all the options (bit confusing).

My mum is very supportive of the idea, having used reuseable nappies on me & both of my brothers. However, when I mentioned to MIL that I plan on using reuseables she was quite negative - she only used them for hubby and then used disposables on the other children.

She kept coming up with negatives that have made me doubt myself. I want to use reuseables for environmental and economical reasons, but not if they will make life too difficult!

These are some of her negatives - are they real negatives?

It's hard to dress baby as the bum is huge?

Everything you wash in your machine will have a slight nappy odour?

Nappy pail will reek the nursery out?

When you are out & change baby you will basically smell of poo everywhere you go from carrying the dirty nappy? (I thought if you use a flushable liner that wouldn't be a huge issue)

Sorry it's such a massive post - I'm so confused now and don't know anyone who's used reuseables in the modern day!


  • Sod the MIL! if I listened to half the things she said about the way I raise my kids I would never leave the house.

    I've only recently started using reusables, and I wished I'd done it sooner. The questions you raised were an issue to me too - but I've no problems with any of the points you raised. I'm loving using cloth nappies (we have a mixture of Bumgenius birth-potty, Tots Bots easyfit, itti bitti tutto (love these) and for night times we use BG Flips (organic inserts with a bamboo booster).

    If you don't have a tumble drier, you may want to have a few boosters on hand as they take a longer time to dry - but otherwise you shouldn't need so many.

  • Thanks for all your help, I think I will just go for it! image
  • Hi MrsP!

    Poo to all your MILs negatives. Only problem I can relate to is I have had one or two crispy nappies if they have spread out during a spin cycle and I've not emptied the machine straight away, but they just need a bit or scrunching up and then they're good to go.

    I use Bambino Mio and I think they're awesome.

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