Double pushchairs - which one?

I'm starting to think I need a double buggy but what should I get? I need advice.

Abby is now 2yrs+1 and Charlie is 4 months with good head control (nearly sitting unaided). I have a wonderful bugaboo which I love so don't want to buy an expensive double. I also don't want a pushchair where poor Charlie is underneath as he is already nosey, never mind 2 years time.

What do people recommend?

H xx


  • i have just got a second hand icandy pear which i think is fab, if you have a john lewis near you they have a good selection of doubles, might be worth getting a side by side if you dont want him behind, i love the city wheels twin but i wouldnt be able to get a side by side in the house x
  • I have just got a Baby Jogger city Elite. It is great - a really good size that will defo last til the boys don't need a push chair. Chose it cos it is good for all surfaces and like you my little ones are very nosey and didn't like sitting in the back of my i-candy peach blossom.

    The baby jogger city mini was also great - but I really wanted something that was great for the beach and off road walking.

    I also had the Little Nipper 360 double recommended by a friend and the MotherCare three wheeler like this also looked great.
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