Holiday with 8Months old

Hi im starting to have a look into where we could take our DS on holiday for the first time as a family, he would be 8months by then.

Does anyone have any recommendations on places to go?

we want to stay in europe, not too pricey.

oh and also any tips for travelling and what to take would be great!

thanks xx image


  • we're going camping (in a mobile home) with Eurocamp when DS is 9 months old.

    Have a look loads of places all over europe. the place we're going to is specifically designed for families with young children and there are about 12 sites like this over France.

    They will also supply travel cots, high chairs, baths - free of charge!
  • Hi, I took DD to Caleta de Fuste in Fuerteventura when she was 5 months old & it was great.

    I wasn't expecting it to be quite so warn in October but the heat didn't bother her - she just loved being in the water & going for walks in her buggy.

    I took a travel steamer kit from Asda that you just throw in the micrwave & relied on jars just for that week.

    Even the flight was a breeze, we got to skip most of the ques & they took the pram & car seat on board for free.

    I was also allowed an extra 5kg in my luggage for her which was plenty.

    I took my own nappies & wipes but found them easy enough to come by over there (albeit expensive!)

  • Oh forgot to mention, we hired a private 3 storey townhouse & the owners provided high chair, travel cot & anything else we required.

    I noticed most place provide these things x
  • We took Freddie to Cyprus when he was 7 months and it was fab! Stayed nr Paphos, rented an apartment privately and they supplied travel cot and highchair.

    It had a fully equipped kitchen so we took our microwave steriliser. Baby food is hit and miss out there - luckily we'd taken loads of Ella's pouches.

    We also hired a car and car seat for 3 days to see more of the island which was brill. If I remember the name of the apartments I'll let you know, they had swimming pool and were short walk to supermarkets/restaurants/beach.

    He loved being out and about in the buggy and we took a shade a babe and a clip-on buggy fan so he had his own little micro-climate when he was in the buggy. He also loved splashing in the pool and we were glad we'd taken his inflatable ring thing (can't remember proper name - they kind of sit in them!)

    We took nappies and swim nappies with us but you could easily buy them there (pricey but available!)

    Shout if you want to know anything else! x
  • Hi All,

    I am after some advice...My husband and I are thinking of booking a holiday to Portugal with our son, who is 8 months; we are looking to book to go within a month or two. My son is in such a good sleeping routine....he has his bottle at 6:30pm and doesn’t wake up till 7am, we are unsure whether to keep him to his routine and hubby and I will have room service and eat on the balcony whilst he is sleeping, or let him go to sleep in his stroller whilst we are out in the evenings? Have any of you stuck to your bed time routines? I not worried if he doesn’t sleep too much at nights (as long as he is happy) but I am worried he won’t get back into his routine when we get back home?

    I’d love any advice x

  • Our son is 3 and we have been away twice a year since he was born, including the US and I can honestly say that routine for sleeping has completely gone out of the window but he has always converted back once we've got home and adjusted to uk time again. But every child is different. At least Portugal isn't a massive time difference for for son to deal with. x

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