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are the footmuffs worth it? and do i need a bagclip?


  • I've got the the iCandy Apple and I don't know where i'd be without the footmuff!! Yes, it's pricey but I suppose if you've got an iCandy pushchair then you might as well get the accessories image

    It washes really well too.

    I don't have a bag clip, tbh the basket is a really good size so haven't needed to buy one yet (15 months since started using it!) x
  • We also have the iCandy Apple. We haven't got a footmuff but was thinking of getting one but decided against it for the time being due to the cost. For now we use a blanket over our little boys legs. As for the bag clip i would have to agree with ProudMummy1, the basket is a really good size so i put everything in there, changing bag, shopping etc. x
  • Yes def worth it!! My DS loves being all snug! xx
  • We have the Peach and have the matching footmuff and it looks really cosy for our little girl, but I do think some of the other non-icandy footmuffs are really lovely too; although not sure where they're from I just see other mummies with them. xx
  • It is good but I also have a Morck blanket on my other buggy which is fab and I think I prefer it as when you go indoors you can just adjust it whereas the foot muff is stuck on.
  • i have the icandy peach black jack and i managed to get a grey footmuff on ebay for ??5.00, its a mamas and papas one, but fits perfectly and matches really well as the black jack as grey edging on hood and seat unit, i dont think a footmuff is worth ??80. Thats just taking the mickey! (imo!)

  • thanx ladies

    it would be off ebay as i wouldnt pay 80 for it! no bag clip then!
  • I got the footmuff for the icandy peach and i really like it. Keeps my lo very snug. It isn't absolutely necessary tho as another footmuff can do the job too- i just like everything to match! lol! I did buy a bag clip but it was rubbish. The basket underneath is a brilliant size and i can fit bits of shopping under there no problem. I tend to have the baby bag over the handle... xx
  • If at some point you feel the need for a bag clip, nab a karabiner for fiver from your nearest outdoors store.
  • I bought and have used the foot muff all year (except for about a month in summer), definitely worth it and better than universal ones, as it has a full seat liner combined with it.

    I never bothered with a bag clip but if you do plan on using it for lots of shopping then it'd be a must IMO. The basket is generous and you could get a few carrier bags on there but if you were planning on getting more, it's not easy to push while carrying bags.

    HTH xx
  • I have the footmuff, but still use a blanket while ds is small as it doesnt go right up to his neck. He is nice and toasty though.

    I havent bothered with a bag hook, the changing bag strap goes over the handle or bags go in the shopping basket. TBH I'd go to the outdoors store as suggested if I really wanted a bag clip.
  • ive ordered the icandy apple, should be coming by the end of this month! we have ordered the footmuff, i couldnt believe how expensive it was but I love things to match. it looks so cosy! our inlaws bought our pram so I decided I would go back and order it seperately as felt so guilty about the price but they ended up ordering it anyway, oops! I still feel guilty and it was 6 weeks ago!
  • I have the peach in sweet pea and I love things to match but after the parasol being crappy I couldn't justify the price of the footmuff, so my mum got be a lovely universal one in mothercare that is a beige colour and it does the job x
  • I got the footmuff when Haiden went into the pushchair part of her Cherry, at about 5 months. It was about ??65 (shocked!!!!) but it was really good and looked so cosy. I put it back on this winter and it seems to have shrunk (or maybe my baby is a year older!) and she doesn't like being covered with it much now. It's alot of money for something I only used for a few months but TBH I would probably buy it again as it matches!

    Bag clip- never got one xx
  • haven't got the foot muffs, dd is still in the carrycot, but i might have a look on evay for ds, as he dies have a tendancy to kick his blanket off, and his shoes! definately gonna have a look for the bag clips too as with the carry cot on (pear) i've got next to no basket left. x
  • I've got the apple & think the footmuff is definitely worth it, we use it all the time & rarely use a proper coat - just a cardy & zip up the muff - if almost goes up to B's chin & he's always lovely & snug. Then you can just unzip it when you get in if he's asleep so he doesn't get too hot!

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