Weaning Questions (also posted in BIA)

Hi ladies dont usually post in baby but really need some advice

JUst wondered how you guys were getting on with weaning and had a few questions

we have been weaning jake since just under 18 weeks and he is now nearly 24 weeks , he has been on 4 - 5 bottles a day now for a few weeks (7oz bottles - he was on 6 - 7 before weaning ) as I have not been giving him breakfast so that i made sure he got enough bottles till he was six months.

I am now trying to slowly introduce breakfast and up his meal sizes as the HV said i need to start to wean his milk down and can start finger foods etc as he is quite advanced for 24 weeks

i tried porridge yesterday and weetabix today but he wont take them at all , he likes to munch on buttered toast but thats it , any other ideas what i can try or should i leave it for a bit ?

also how big should portion sizes for lunch be and what kinds of things do you give them .. so far we have only used pureed veg with a bit of pureed fruit for dessert. I have used the ellas kitchen sachets whilst out and he likes them

How many bottles are your little ones on ? not sure when he should be dropping to 3 bottles
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