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Hi ladies,

DS is just over 4 weeks old and since birth has had dry skin, especcially on his arms, hands, legs, feet and on his head (I think being 13 days overdue contributed to it!) I use Olive Oil on him at least twice a day as advised by my HV and it is getting better. Rather than it being dry and cracked, it's dry and flaky if that makes sense? Anyhoo, when I bathe him I don't use any products but wondered if it might help his skin if I put a bit of baby oil in his bath water? Or if anyone else has any other ideas that would help his skin, I'd really appreciate it.

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  • We were also advised to use olive oil, we use a bit in L's bath or apply it straight onto his skin image Mw's said that this was better than using something like baby oil as that will just sit on the skin whereas the olive oil will sink in.

  • My little one has suffered from dry skin since he was born and they now think it may be due to eczema. We have to bathe him in Oilatum every night and apply diprobase all over his body morning, evening and whenever he feels dry. It seems to be working really well. x
  • Ds2 has had dry skin since all the Vernix came off him (he was 11 days early and covered in it) so I took him to doctors and they've given him oilatum and e45 on prescription, it's now not too bad on his body and legs but his little face is incredibly bad, almost as rough as sand paper and the e45 doesn't seem to be clearing it. I would go to docs and get what you need on prescription as it may be eczema and he might need a stronger cream.

  • Sammi, we ended up having to get hydrocortisone prescribed from the GP as our little boys cheeks were really rough and he kept scratching them due to the point of bleeding. Maybe worth a try? We got our oilatum and diprobase on prescription too. x
  • Thanks nikkinoos I will take him back to docs tomorrow. It really is awful, so rough and gets worse on and off through the day.

  • My LO was prescribed Diprobase for his dry skin although my Doctor was reluctant for us to use too much of it and said use it "sparingly" and only on badly affected areas and not for too long as it's quite strong for our little ones' skin.

    We also got a huge tub of Aqueous cream which i have to lather on him whenever neccessary and bath him in Oilatum, plus he had terrible Cradle Cap too, which i was using Dentinox for but 2 of the Dr's I saw hadn't even heard of it and advised me NOT to use it as it could be making Lo's skin on his body worse.

    I stopped using it and have been using the creams for 2 weeks now, he's 16 weeks tmrw, and it's making a big improvement.

    HTH x
  • Stick with the olive oil or another 'base' oil - you can pick these up from a health food shop. I wouldn't recommend baby oil as it isn't natural.

    Also, I would suggest you don't bathe your baby every day if they have dry skin. At 4 weeks old, they only need a bath 2 - 3 times a week. Over washing definitely contribute to dry skin.
  • Thanks for your replies. It's not really dry so don't think we need the medicated stuff yet but will keep my eye on it.

    I tend to bath him every 2/3 days anyway, and last night I put some olive oil in his bath like some of you suggested and that seems to have really helped so will do that as well as rubbing it on a few times a day.

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