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Hello. My NCT class recommended this book. I've just looked on Amazon and there appear to be a few different versions. Can anyone recommend which one to get? And did you find it useful?

Thanks x


  • Hi

    I got the secrets of the babywhisperer or something similar, I also use their website quite alot as they have very good advice if you chose to follow that method. I found it naturally fitted with Ty so was quite easy to start implementing.

    Just google babywhisperer and you should fine their forum.


  • I swear by the baby whisperer 'solves all your problems' or something like that! Since starting that at 5 months my son was a complete different baby! xx
  • I have "top tips from the baby whisperer" which i think was free with a magazine.

    I use her EASY routine now, but found that it really only worked from 8 weeks onward - trying it before then just ended up in utter trauma all round.
  • I got 'the secrets of the baby whisperer' first time round, and then gave it away to a friend. Second pregnancy, 5 yrs later, I bought 'the baby whisperer solves all your problems'.

    From my memory they were pretty much the same, I recommend her books to everyone, I found them really good and they suited my style of parenting.
  • i got secrets of a baby whisperer out of the local library - may be worth trying that first. I read the first couple of chapters and it made me feel like I was doing everything wrong so it promptly went back. You could try before you buy to make sure it suits you and your baby
  • I had 'The Secrets of the BW' and 'the BW solves all your problems' the second one is more detailed and gives more practical advice as to how to actually do her theories, however I found her a bit contradictory and confusing so have just sold them on ebay. I (shock horror!) found Gina Ford a bit more helpful xx
  • Thanks for your help everyone. Sounds like they're fairly similar and worth a try. I've just ordered the Secrets of the Baby Whisperer on Ebay - wonder if it's yours tennison1?? Did anyone apply it successfully from birth or am I best going with the flow to start? I'm 32 weeks pregnant at the moment.

    Thanks x
  • Step away from the Baby Whisperer she will do your head in! All she did for me was make me feel inadequate.
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