anyone got the maxi cosi Axiss?

i have been using the Maxi Cosi Axiss for about 5months now, and have always found the shoulder pads on the straps very bulky, but i thought they would soften and become more flexible over time, my ds looks quite uncomfortable as they are so big and the other problem i have is not being able to pull the straps tight enough, i pull the bottom strap as tight as i can but the straps are not as close fitting to my son as i know they should be, i used to work at mothercare and had car seat training and was always told the straps should be so tight that you should only just be able to squeeze your finger under the strap, i could fit my whole fist between the straps and my sons chest. Has anyone else found this? or is there something wrong with my seat?


  • Hiya, - yes we have the Maxi Cosi Axis. I do find the strap protector bits quite big and when she is in a big coat it is hard to tighten them but in general I can get them tight enough. Sometimes if they are not tightening I loosen the lap straps and then this gives slack in the shoulder straps allowing them to tighten better?? Not sure if this helps but I would say if you don't think it is right then take it back for advice. S X
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