BUMBO Seat - worth getting ?????

So, DS is now 16 weeks and we are thinking of getting him a BUMBO but I just want to know if they are worth the money ??

Anyone got one ?

Should we go out and get one ???

DLAM xxxxxx


  • One of my boys really likes his the other, not so much. My niece really liked hers too, and i'm convinced that it helped her to sit independently.

    Try looking on


    ebay also have a few

    for a second hand one - they don't really wear out, so worth a try.
  • Not worth full price but worth an ebay bargain!!! Sophia isn't that thrilled with hers but she's used it occasionally!! She can sit on her own at 24 weeks, it's good for their neck control!! xxx
  • I also would say look on Ebay or somewhere like that. We got ours for ??9 from Ebay and it was local so saved on the postage costs. I'm glad we didn't pay full price for one as our little boy has hardly used it. He was never overly keen on it so it's only been used a handful of times. x
  • Definitely agree with ebay. I'm glad I got mine cheaply off a friend as Sam couldn't stand it and never used it. His legs were too chubby I think. :lol:
  • My DS loves his. Any friends/baby group got one. My little man grinned and sat in his for half an hour first time we used it. I think you can tell pretty quickyl if they're going to like it or not. Def worth the money if they do. William (18weeks) is enjoying sitting on the dining table in his (never alone in case he flips it obviously!!) while we eat our meals. He thinks it's really funny
  • We've got 2 (twins) and neither of them really like to be in them for longer than a couple of minutes!! A lot of girls say their babies either love them or hate them, you won't know unless you try your DS in one. Defo go for e-bay if you can xx
  • Definitely agree with the love them / hate them theory. My DD didn't really get on with hers at all. Can you try them out in one before you buy? x
  • My little girl LOVES her bubo!! The second we putherin it, she let out the biggest smile!! She loves to sit up, and see what's going on, so it's perfect for her. It's also great for weaning. We were staying at my dads this weekend, and we sat her in it, upon the kitchen island, and gave her her turnip and apple, she loved it!! Obviously, we were with her thewhole time, butsheloved being eye level with us!! Xxx
  • Yes buy one but get one second hand as they'll only be in it for 2-3 months.
  • Try it before you buy, and if you're going to buy, go for second hand.

    My dd liked it a bit at first, but by 5 1/2 months was trying to escape from it and hated it. Some babies really love them though.
  • My DD went in hers occasionally and they are good for when they are not yet sitting up as it gives you a rest from holding them but you still have to sit with them.

    I would agree that trying to get a cheaper one would be an idea.

    We got the tray too which I think was the best bit but after 10 mins or so she wanted out.

    As we paid full price I wouldn't say we really got our moneys worth but having said that baby number 2 will probably use it (even tho it's pink!)

    Would I buy one again if I knew then what I know now? No, i'd put the money towards a good quality jumperoo.
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