Temperature of babies room???

I see that the correct temp should be 16 to 20 degrees but it seems so chilly!!! Do you have yours on higher and less blankets or cooler and more? I was at a friends house last night and she couldn't get the room above 17 degrees and Sophias body temp has been low (she is poorly too) as a result I'm sure!!!

What temp do you have the room? xx


  • i try and keep the temp at 21/22 ish but to do this i have an oil filled radiator on all night through the cold months, this works a treat and is much cheaper than heating the entire house all night! before i did this his room would sometimes fall to 15degrees by the morning and it felt icy! even though he had more blankets on him he still woke up with freezing cold cheeks and hands so thats why i decided to get the radiator, he still has a 2.5 sleeping bag and a cellular blanket, he likes to be cosy!!!
  • Our house gets really warm when the heating is on. Millie's room tonight is 21 degrees (heating has been off for a few hours now) and she sleeps in her pyjamas and her sleeping bag (It's doesn't have a tog rating but it is really thick). I always worry she is too hot, but she does not seem to overheat (I check her chest under her clothes and she is ok) and in the middle of the night she seems just fine and her hands are quite cold so I wouldn't want the temperature to drop under 17 at night. I guess 16/17 would be ok if your little one had mits on.

    I think so long as your little one does not get too hot, do whatever you feel is right.
  • About 17-18 degrees, and he sleeps in a 2.5 tog grobag, with a vest and cotton sleepsuit or a fleecy sleepsuit on colder nights, or a PJ top and his woolly trousers.

    It is easier to add layers to baby in a cooler room than to cool them down in a too-warm room. If you're worried she's cold maybe a fleecy sleepsuit or a long sleeved vest under her sleepsuit?

    Baby hands and feet often feel cold even when their core temp is fine. Feel their tummy or back to get a true sense of how warm they are. It's just that they can't regulate the temp of their extremities when they're weeny.
  • Thanks!!! I tend to keep it around 20-21 and she wears a 2.5 tog sleeping bag but I can't put anything over the top of that as she kicks it off! She has crazy legs!!!
  • You shouldn't put blankets over a sleeping bag anyway as it puts them at risk of overheating. Put more layers on her if you need to - extra vest, light cotton sleepsuit under a fleecy one, etc.
  • Our house is forever cold. On a good day we get up to 17-18 degrees but over Christmas some nights it fell to 12 degrees (even with heating!). If it's 17 or so he goes down in vest, sleepsuit and 2.5tog sleeping bag in the evening and then I put a blanket on top when we go to bed as temp always drops a bit. We also use thick fleece sleepsuits if it's colder and when it was freezing we just piled blankets on him accordingly...poor thing! x
  • Our house is warm most of the time. Finleys room is usually 21/22 degrees and seems to stay at that temperature throughout the night. He is in a long sleeved vest, a sleepsuit and a 1.5 tog sleeping bag. He seems toasty and comfy when we get him up in the morning. x
  • Our house isn't too bad, only drops 1-2 degrees but I like to blast it with the heater before she goes to bed. My mums house is terrible and it drops to 14-15 degrees but starts at 23 degrees so can't dress her up in layers as she would be too hot at the start of the night. Think I'll take our mini heater with me next time!!! xx
  • our room is 18 degrees and i put lo in a vest sleepsuit with hands covered with built in hand mits. and 2 blankets with his arms out.

    He likes to be warm so any less he would just be unsettled.

    On very cold nights ive put a cardi on him if its been 16 degrees not rec but hes been fine and my mum did it with us.

    I feel mean with pjs on electric blanket and a thick duvet whilst my lo has to measly blankets lol!!

  • Hello, I put my little girl in a short sleeve vest a lng sleeve baby grow and a 2.5 tog sleeping bag but n cold nights i also put a cardigan on her.
  • I've always found this issue really tricky! Technically our bedroom is the "ideal" temperature but I think it feels flippin cold! lol.

    At the moment it's around 19-20 degrees and she has a short sleeved vest, pyjamas, sheet and blanket on - and if it drops below 19 I put a light blanket on top of these as she seems to like being warmer.

    I did try sleeping bags but she was forever slamming her legs down and getting frustrated (as do adults in sleeping bags lol) and she seems to be sleeping better (famous last words lol)

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