Asda baby event - Graco highchair

Hi ladies

Just wondering if any of you have the Graco highchair that's currently in the Asda baby event (??25)?

I was going to get this to keep at my mum's house for when she looks after DS.

Is it any good and would you recommend it? I want one that folds up and stores easily, and also one where the tray can be removed/adjusted. Does the back recline on this at all?

Thanks! xx


  • I have this at my mum's house. I have to say, DD is much comfier in it than in the Fresco Bloom we paid a small fortune for that we have! It doesn't recline but the seat is padded and very comfy. Big tray that clips on / off easily. It does fold but we just keep it up so not sure how easily. If you wait until the Baby Event draws to a close they reduce them to ??15 (at least they did when we got ours).

    K x
  • Thanks Kayecee. As long as the seat it comfy, it isn't vital that it reclines, so that's good.

    I was going to pop to Asda today and see if they had any, as not sure how long the event is on for. xx
  • I got a Graco highchair in the Asda event last year (it was yellow last year)and it's been brilliant.

    DD loves being in it & it has a handy basket underneath & they tray is easy to take on & off. It folds super flat but doesn't recline.

    It is defo one of my 'best buys' but it is true that they reduce them down even further at the end of the event!

  • ds had this highchair, it's fab! 1000x better than our old mamas and papas one! we've kept it ready for when dd starts weaning as ds is now in a 'high' chair x
  • G/C but we got this last year for Lucy and she loves it image The tray comes off easily and it folds down really flat to be stored away. Bargain of a buy, and we'll be using it for this next one image
  • We got this one last year too - It's fab! We've had 3 highchairs now, paid a small fortune for the Mama's and Papa's Prima Pappa and hated it. Then bought the Chicco 360 that attaches to the table - that's not bad, but we found that we needed one in the living room that can fold away easily and that was comfy for DS.

    This Graco one fits the bill perfectly - DS is very comfy in it. We paid ??25, but it was reduced to ??12.50 just days later.

    Highly recommend it!

  • I have oneat my mum's- no problems at all and folds up small for easy storage.

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