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Hi ladies,

Hope you dont mind me popping in but i was

just wondering if anybody has the mothercare spin? My mum showed the pram online she is amazed at how it works and she thinks it folds up small enough to fit in her boot, she has a suzuki alto so not a big boot.

So what i would like to know is does it fold small and is it a good sturdy pram?



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  • I have the spin

    I do love it, but for me folding isnt an issue as we dont own a car. It folds into a square and then the fabric carrycot attachment needs to come off, so its a two part fold essentially. Its quite heavy (not an issue for me). You can take off the big back wheels to make it smaller.

    Its a great pram to push, its very sturdy and has good suspension. Imogen loves it and she naps in there during the day.

    I did buy a moses basket mattress to make it even more comfy too.
  • I have the Spin - I loved it when LO was first born, but a few things have made me think twice about it now.

    Yes it is compact when folded, and I loved it when using with the car seat as it just clips straight in to the chassis. However whenever we used the pram when going out in the car, you do need quite a bit of room to fit the chassis and the pram in.

    My LO was 6lb 15 when he was born in May and was on the 25th centile. By Dec he was starting look cramped in the spin car-seat - it was fine in the length but seems quite narrow compared to other car-seats which are available. (Even one of the assistants in M/care did say it wasnt as wide as other carseats). So when he was 6 months old we were buying a new car-seat for him. Interestingly I now see that they sell adaptors so you can use other car-seats, which was not available when I bought the travel system.

    We have recently converted the pram into the pushchair, but it doesn't seem to have a very deep seat so I don't think it will last as long as Mothercare claim (33lbs or 3 years old). Also when you convert it into the pushchair, it doesn't seem to be as upright as other pushchairs on the market. My Lo seems to be still lying quite far back and I think I would prefer it to be more upright.

    I have just received my wheel base back from being repaired as the back wheels stopped moving due to a stuck brake - something which seems quite common if you read the reviews on the website.

    I am actually going to post in BIN09 as I know a few ladies in there have it, and want to see how they are finding the seat on the pushchair.

    Sorry if I have put you off - I do think its a good travel system when using with a car seat, but not that sure about it as a long-lasting pushchair ;o(

    NTT xxx
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