Buggy boards - anyone use one?

Isaac will be 28 months when No 2 arrives and i'm thinking of getting a buggy board instead of a double pushchair. He is a very good walker but he does get tired if we're walking a long way. I just don't think we'll get much use out of a double as we don't use the pushchair much now. We have a bugaboo pram which new baby will have and baby jogger pushchair so we could always use this for him with baby in a sling.

Just wondered if anyone has used a buggyboard or uses one now and how you found it? And how old LO is? Thanks.


  • DS1 is now 29 months & we use a buggy board most of the time instead of the double (was only 20 months when DS2 arrived).

    1st time we used it he hated it, stood on it for a little while & then point blankly refused to go anywhere near it, so we left it for a while & he now absolutely loves it & will happily stay on for quite long periods of time.
  • I used one for a while - DD was 3 3/4 when DS turned up, but she is physically disabled so was often in a pushchair as she can't walk very far at all. It was a bit of a godsend, though trickier for us I guess as she was right at the top of the weight limit - kerbs etc are a potch and uneven ground isn't great but for along pavements and around town it's fine.

    She's 4.5 now and too heavy so we've not used it in a while, should really get around to selling it.

    We had the Scallywags one from Argos, it was 40-odd quid and easy to fit and use. You could take off the board but leave the fixings in place to make it fold better but easy and quick to snap the board back on.
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