Best ways to get lo to sleep without screaming!!!

Hi all my son is 13 weeks now. He was a month early and was over eating and gaining excessive amount of weight and making him self sick hv thought he was gaining too much too. So a way round this cuddle him to sleep to comfort him as he was using the bottle for comfort.

A dummy didnt work!

Ive never given in to him at night though ive always sssh patted him and held the dummy in and pick him up put him dwn. Its always taken at leat 30mins for him to go dwn but hes a good sleeper at night.

My prob is the day ive tried various ways- holding to sleep and gradually putting him dwn this results in either him awaking immediately or 20mins later.

- Sitting with him whilst i sssh pat etc like night but he cries for an hr and gets tears in his eyes and screams.

So for several weeks now ive had to sit dwn 3 times a day holdinh him whilst he has a nap. Sometimes in the sling but my back really hurts. I know some ppl will say enjoy the cuddles but im feeling i'd rather b with him wen im awake to play with him rather than dashing off to do the things i cant do when hes awake.

Any suggestions please ?

xx :?


  • we started with nights before we tackled the day, we said goodnight and walked out, if he cried we would return straight away pick him up cuddle him and put him back down, this did take 3 weeks of full on commitment to sort out the nights and a further 2 for daytime naps but following this he self settles great unless hes ill, we did stick to the cot for daytime naps at first as this was associated with his sleeping,
  • well ive got nights sorted so i spose i just need to stick with it in days

    its just he gets so upset and and what point do you stop?

    He cried for an hr today and i gae up and he was so inconsolable.

  • I don't know if this would work with one so wee, but we sometimes put DD down in her cot with her light show on if she's still awake, she rarely if ever cries when it's on as she's so into it, and we leave her with it on - sometimes (usually) she just drops off after it finishes. We play the same light show during her after bath routine ie massage, into jammies and bag etc so it's a big 'sleep cue' for her? the other thing might be to sometimes put him in his cot during the day just to lie there with a relaxing toy, with you around doing stuff so he gets used to being there in a non-scary way? just thoughts!
  • thanku just moving him to cot now he loves his mobile. He goes off after 10 mins moany crying but only goes dwn for 30mins. If i was cuddling him it would be 1-2 hrs

  • We have the same problem. DD won't sleep in the day unless she's cuddled. Will try the suggestions. Xx
  • Tennison which night show do u use?

    ive got a mobile on the cot but wondered if this would be better?

  • we had a water rainforest light show x
  • I always found that proper daytime naps help the night sleep.

    I swear by putting baby down before he starts crying with tiredness. The morning nap should be between 1.5 and 2 hours after waking. With both Abby and Charlie I put them down in a quiet place and walked away. If they did a small moaning cry I ignored it (that's the "I'm going to sleep cry"), if the cry was more persistant than I would go and check. If the eyes are closed then they are trying to go to sleep. Leave them for 5 mins (it seems like much longer so watch the clock) before going back.

    Charlie always loved his mobile in hospital but hasn't used it since. Abby just got wound up by it. She had to be in a quiet room and left alone - still does.

    H xx
  • yes last night we had a bad night up at 1.30am and stirring from 5am and woke at 7am.

    Yesterday i didnt let him sleep on me and put him dwn awake but sleepy. Takes 30mins of reassurance to get him to have 30-45 minute naps so i think consequently it effected the night.

    Tried today went for an hr walk this mrn he slept 2omins and then when we came home i put him in his cot he woke but went off for 45 mins.

    Then hes had 2 other 30 min naps which isnt enough. Hope it will improve as i'd rather he slept well at night.

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