Turning a back to back baby

Hi all,

After weeks of thinking our lo was in the right position, and being told he was 2/5 engaged, we found out last night he is both back to back and floating free at the brim! Bit of a shock, and severely disappointed as we've also been told that I'm very unlikely to go into spontaneous labour.

As such, I'm booked for induction next Monday at 42 weeks, but have been advised to try and turn him before hand to give myself a chance to still have a waterbirth.

I've looked at spinning babies and picked up some tips there, but I'm hoping there are some among you that have successfully 'spun' your baby at such a late stage and can advise me on what actually works?

Have a birth ball which I've been on for weeks (but

Clearly has not had the desired effect!) and spent last night on all fours, in the lotus position and rocking my hips.

Thanks in advance!

Kirsten and blue bump (41+1)


  • DD was still back to back when I went into labour, but luckily turned spontaneously just as I was getting ready to push. And that was after weeks of sitting on the ball etc (she was B2B from about 34 weeks). Yours may still turn of his own accord
  • I got told dd was b2b and 39 weeks.. I would kneel on floor and rock hips, and avoid reclining on sofa.. I went into a spontaneous 2.5hr labour , she had turned and I delivered naturally x
  • Thanks girls, on the ball at the moment, so hopefully it's doing something. Also just had a rather large bloody show, so I'm hoping it's a good sign. At the very least, it must mean that cervix is becoming more favourable for induction on monday! xx
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