Any ideas - sleep related.

OK so we do have LO in a pretty good bedtime routine at the moment - he sleeps well, still takes a while to settle but it is improving everyday!

However, his night waking are very confusing and I struggle to work out if he is waking for food or out of habit.

We have two different scenarios that happen at the moment.

Scenario 1 - He feeds between 6.30 - 7pm (asleep by 8 at absolute latest). Then he sleeps right through until 2.15amish (so thats about 7 hours!).

So I thought - well if I DF then he shuld go further through the night? That didn't work out though!

Scenario 2 - Feeds same time, dreamfeed about 11pm (we have tried various different times though some later some earlier). He then wakes between 3.30am and 4.30 am. On occasions he has even woken at 2.30am!! Now that is only abnout 5 hours.

I know he is capable of going longer. When he wakes up he will take most of the bottle - but fusses around a bit with breakfast - so i am sure if I can get him to go longer then he will have all his breakfast without much fussing.

Any ideas?


  • Maybe your little one is waking out of habit...

    My LO has feed at 6.15pm asleep by 7.00pm. I wake him at 10.30 for a full feed asleep by 11.00pm.

    He then sleeps solidly until 4.00am and then wakes up but just fusses and drifts in and out of a very light sleep. He never actually cries so I just leave him.

    His morning feed is at 7.00am which he is ready for...
  • Do you offer a dummy or just comfort him first? I kept doing this with lo and he went off again.

    Now sleeping 8.30pm till 5.30am feed then till 8am so im hoping eventually he willl miss this feed completely

  • Yeah I do offer a dummy carebear and I think he probably is waking out of habit Tracy I am jsut not sure what to do to stop it. He certainly drinks enough during the day to go longer at night and like I said in my post, he is capable of going 7 hours as I have seen him do it.

    I am currently trying the baby whisperer PU/PD method for daytime naps so I may feed him at 11pm tonight and then when he wakes up try this method first, see if i can make him go a bit longer.
  • me too im doing the sssh pat and pick up put dwn as ive mastered nights but still in a muddle in day.

    Hope we get sorted.We both seem to have similar probs

  • What age is your LO hun? My son is nearly 7 months, he sleeps 10-12 hours every night and has done for a good few months now, but up until he was about 13 weeks, he would wake at the same times through the night out of habbit, I stopped waking him for his 10.30pm dream feed, to see if he woke for it himself and he didnt, he would sleep right through it and wake at 3.30am as normal for the next one. Then eventually he slept later and later, and then he stopped waking for either of them. I let him lead the way when he was young and he seemed to do it himself. Xx
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