Can anyone help?...............

Hi I'm just looking for some information really.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had abnormal cells removed and how this effected their pregnancy or birth?

Im now on pregnancy number 3 and just had some cells removed at the beginning of september found out I was preg end of november.

Just wanna hear from other ladies who have had this procedure done and who have now had their babies


  • bump just thought someone may come along with any experience of this
  • not me but my cousin, she has had loads of trouble with the abnormal cells and has had a few ...oscopy (cant remember the name) she also had abnormal cells detected while pregnant and then had to go in for a loop thing after, long story short all was fine with pregnancy and baby and she is fine now xx
  • Hi I had been having abnormal smears for about 4 years & had to go the colposcopy dept at the hospital every 6 months & often had to have biopsies, loop diathermy & cold coagulation.

    This didn't affect my fertility atall or health of baby & I got pregnant again after DD's birth when she was 3 months!!!

    It is a major worry for me that I won't have been checked over for nearly 2 years & I will be going for a check over as soon as I can after this bubs.

    I'm sure you have nothing to worry about hun. I think when you ignore your letters & don't get checked for years on end - that's the time to worry.

    Some info here...

    Good luck xx
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  • Hello lovely,

    like golden_girluk i have had abnormal smaears for about 3/4 years and have had biopsies, laser treatment (has a name cold col... but i cant spell!!) etc.. and it didnt affect my fertility i was lucky enough to fall pregnant the 1st month of trying and i have a happy healthy 6 month old now. dont worry lovely.

    hope everything goes ok

  • hi there, I had loop diathermy for abnormal cells in November 2008, fell pregnant in October 2009 and now have a healthy daughter of 6 months image I had some light spotting during the pregnancy, and my cervix did not dilate during birth so I had a C section, both of which I was told were due to the procedure but DD is perfectly healthy image
  • I had this procedure in October 2007. Had some problems afterwards with internal bleeding.

    However, this did not affect my pregnancy in any way. Started trying in March 2009 - got preggers in July 2009 and now I have a lovely daughter who is 10 months old.

    I had no problems during pregnancy. Went easily to 10cm dilated - did have to have forceps in the end but that's because she was back to back. Nothing to do with the procedure.

    Good luck.
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