Annabel Karmel books?

Has anybody used the Annabel Karmel's New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner - 4th Edition book and did you find it useful, or nay of her otherf books? thanks x

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  • I got the book on weaning out from the library. I found it useful. I don't do anything in the kitchen and honestly would not have had a clue how to puree (shameful I know)! It gives you good ideas, I am clueless and would not have known all the different foods you can give. It has good ideas for putting different fruit and veg combos too xxx
  • I have her top 100 baby purees and it's great. If you are on Facebook she has a page and she posts lots of recipes and ideas too, if you fancied a look image
  • Someone gave me her 100 Top Purees book and I swiftly sold it, I didn't find it useful at all, just pages of random combinations of fruits and vegetables. Waste of money IMO. I've not bought any of her other books because I find her nauseating. Do you cook from scratch? Would it be easier just to think of ways you can adapt family meals for your baby - it saves time and effort and gets them used to the tastes you'll be serving up in future.
  • We've got the baby and toddler meal planner and I love it! We started weaning last week, and it gives you a day by day guide on how to introduce everything! I've made up lots of different purees and frozen them. The book has recipes for use from the very start of weaning, right through until toddlers.

    I really rate it! Xxx
  • Thanks everyone i havent started weaning yet going to start in a few weeks when my son will be 4months old, and i just wanted to get a good book in advance so i can read up and prepare myself and baba! I think i will invest x image
  • I have it and am working my way through the recipes. I have found it really useful. (and i managed to pick it up in a charity shop for 50p!!)
  • I've found her books good, I like to cook from scratch, but it's nice not having to think up meals all the time! I think that some of her meals are easily adaptable for the whole family too.

    Although I do agree she is quite nauseating!
  • i had/have the 100 top purees book, i found it very useful in the early days of weaning ds, and will be referring to it again no doubt when the time comes with dd....she also has a website

    hth x
  • We have that book and i love it! It really gave me some great ideas for recipes and great info on weaning. I refer to it every day! x
  • I have the baby and toddler meal planner, and would recommend it. I wouldn't get the 'Top 100 purees' as they're not on purees for long!

    I have to say though, I don't really follow the recipes, I use it more for ideas of recommendations and things that might work well together - plus I'm not a great or confident cook so I really do need telling what to do with a dried apricot before I blend it!

    Maenad has a point though, if you cook from scratch and don't add salt, baby can pretty much eat what you do from quite early in the weaning process. I'm on baby 2 now, and we have a much better diet now as I have to give it more thought for the sake of my 2 year old's diet (I'm not an incompetent cook, just not very adventurous, and hubby wouldn't eat it if I was!), so I do use the book less this time, but I'm still referring to it for ideas - and some things to keep in the freezer for her when we have something unsuitable (even things like fish fingers and sausages my 2 year old has occasionally but I wouldn't give to a baby), and obviously she wants lunch and dinner and isn't very good with sandwiches etc yet, so sometimes needs something different then. Most days though her dinner is what we had the night before, either blitzed a bit or just mashed.
  • i bought the book "weaning" because it focuses on how to start the process and then moving from phase to phase when your baby is ready.

    it has a few recipe ideas/suggestions but they aren't the focus.
  • ooh also my SIL bought me this book for xmas, i've found it fab for adding new ideas for my toddler (and us he's eaten pretty much the same as us from about 9months), things i hadn't even thought of (particulalry the snack bags which ds loves!), but noticed it starts from first weaning, so seems to be a good all rounder...

  • I have it and thought is was helpful to begin with when I really didn't have a clue what I should be doing but I do a lot of cooking so tend to adapt what we have or invent my own ideas. Saying that, I did do 2 AK recipes yesterday and LO doesn't like either or them - she never turns mummy's food down so think I will just go with my own ideas in future as I know what she will like and how to disguise those things she doesn't like.
  • Why do you find her nauseating?
  • Because she's smarmy, disingenuous, fake, irritating, presents incorrect information as fact, makes disparaging and erroneous statements about breastfeeding that could potentially damage breastfeeding relationships, dismisses sound research-based recommendations from experienced health professionals, and has absolutely no qualifications in nutrition, dietetics, infant health or medicine yet likes to present herself as a weaning and nutritional 'guru'.

    Oh, and the fucking hairbows. For the love of christ.
  • I honestly haven't read her stuff, but I didn't use her books because a) they aren't on purees long, and b) when they're on meals they can pretty much eat what you do as long as you don't add salt.

    Maenad - what on earth does she say about breastfeeding?
  • It's the hair for me! But as I said, I like her books and have cooked lots out of them.
  • Warps on about how breastfed babies don't get enough iron, and then swiftly goes on to mention how formula has lots of added iron!!! She also claims that EBF for 6 months isn't enough to keep babies healthy. There was some other stuff that made me cross, I read some of one of her tomes that came free with a mag but don't remember it verbatim because I was so busy banging my head on the wall.
  • Yup. I got the puree one first, then this one. I use it all the time for inspiration. Also she has a meal planner which I look at when I need some help.

    Just cooked the braised beef and rice pudding (separately). My 10 month old loves her recipes.
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