Sleep Probs first time mum please help!

Hi Girls

Just wondering if any mums can offer any advice regarding my little Jessica's sleeping or rather lack of it! Basically she is a 7 week old baby who doesnt sleep at all during the day not even a 15 minute nap!

Today for instance she has been awake since 7am. I have tried all day to get her to nap but she refuses. She is a happy little girl and always smiling but gets overtired and will not settle. Then at around 5/6 she likes to fall asleep till midnight then comes alive again all night long.

Last night I tried to break the routine so after being awake all day i kept her awake till 7pm bathed her, massaged her gave her a bottle then she slept till 4am. But although shes had 8 full hours i still feel she should be sleeping more? she woke at 4am drained a 5oz bottle then fell asleep at approx 5.30 till 7. She has now been awake for 11 hours and showing no signs of sleep. This surely isnt normal for a 7 week old baby haha. Am just worried that the lack of sleep may be bad for her. Any suggestions or anyone in the same boat? x


  • Do you have a swing or bouncer you could put her in to see if she goes to sleep in there? Ds is 9 weeks old and doesn't sleep for long either, he has a few cat naps about 20 minutes long. If we go out in the car or if I take him for a walk in his pram then he will sleep for a few hours, do you drive?or could you go for a walk? If ds is asleep when we get back in I leave him in the living room inhis pram or car seat, otherwise he will wake up if I try moving him into bed. Perhaps talk to your hv and see what they suggest.

    Sorry I can't be much help hun.

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