Clothes sizes - which come up the biggest?

Hi ladies,

My 4.5 month old little girl has outgrown her 3-6 month clothes and her 6-9 month sleepsuits don't have a huge amount of spare length in them. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for where I can get some long legged sleepsuits?

I have tried boots minimode ones and mothercare ones which I've found to be quite good in terms of length. I don't really want to have to get 9-12 too soon as it would just look daft on her as although she's long and quite a chubbster, she's not *that* wide.

Would appreciate any recommendations please. xxx


  • Hay hun, Have u tried pyjamas (no feet) oscar is 9 weeks and his legs r growing out of his 0-3 :cry: When my 1st had this problem i got pyjamas for him. I use sleeping bags or fleece suits over the top so feet stay warm or you could just use socks

    Got mine in tesco image but here are some from mothercare i love image

    Gems xx
  • Next are good sizes and last x
  • M&s fit my long boy well, he's 9 months at the weekend and on the 99.6th centile for length, his next 9-12 months are getting snug in the leg, but he can still (just about) squeeze into his 6-9 babygrows from m&s xx
  • i find tesco seem to be the lengthiest, matalan are ok too...mothercare also come up quite long. x
  • we found pumpkin patch were really long in length x
  • I think Next are in the big side, and Sainsburys too (and cheaper than Next!) - if you do go for pyjamas, I'm a big fan of Asda for baby pyjamas, brilliant value.
  • Sainsbury's are quite big and boots, personally i found that tesco were quite bad, she had grown out of their 0-3 whilst she was still in boots newborn!
  • We found Next really short, Erin was only in her Next 3-6's for about three weeks and they were far too small.

    Marks and Spencers are the biggest ones we have, she still fits quite confortably into the 3-6's now and we're just about to go into 6-9's.

  • Sainsburys and M&S for us - DS is slim but on 99.6th centile for length and these fit him.
  • I find M&S to have sleepsuits with the most room. My 4 month old is in 3-6 months sleepsuits from everywhere else but is still in the up to 3 months M&S ones
  • My son was on 99th percentile for length and I found sainsburys the best. the best thing to do is look at the cm rather than the age range. M&S are good to but I found are very wide image
  • I've done the same as gembagsmummy2boys (mouthful! lol) - I gave up on sleepsuits when lo was around 6 months as struggled to get a nice fit - I opted for pyjama's with and without feet.

    I was looking at sleepsuits today in Asda wierdly enough thinking about buying her a fleecy one and they were very long in the leg so maybe ideal for you. M&S are good too, Next I rarely buy from as they're on the small side, Mothercare are generally on the bigger side I think.

  • Asda, Tesco and H&M always come up big for LO even tho he's nearly 2.5years can't wear some 1yr H&M pants cuz they are too long!! x
  • Great, thanks everyone! I've got some from Sainsburies which seem good for length, I'll have to get some more so I'll have a look at them in the different shops you've all recommended to see if I can find some that I like. xx
  • I think it depends on your baby's shape. My dd has a long body and not so long legs, and is quite slim. I find she grows out of Sainsbury's (seem to disagree with the majority here!) and Boots clothes first and Asda last.

    We're switching to pyjamas for 9-12 though.
  • We found next on the smaller side for sleepsuits, but m+s have long legs and skinny bodies, lo is still in his 3-6 ones, at almost 8 months x
  • My DD is 4.5 months also and I recently bought some 3-6 sleep suits from John Lewis which are way too big on her. She's 14lbs 10ozs and of average length for her age.

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