10 Month Old Refusing Food


My LO has always been a good eater but in the last week she's pretty much refusing food. Anything I feed her gets spat out. If I give her a loaded spoon it ends up on the floor. And she's barely eating her finger foods. Really don't know what to do as I'm sure she's not getting enough nutrients and sustanence from what she is getting in her mouth.

Should I up her milk feeds or is this going the wrong way? It could be a bit of teething but I can't see anything that looks like a tooth coming through.


  • Hi TriTread

    It's a tricky one, if they don't want to eat there's no way to make them (spoken from experience). My LO is nearly a year old but we've only recently really got her eating well, some days I think she's going to pop. There are times though when she goes off food and eats very little, for us it's always teeth and always passes after a week or so.

    How is she doing now, still not eating much or has she improved? Do you think it could be teeth, or maybe she's coming down with a bug?

    Last time my LO completely refused food, she was nearly 8 months and we went back up to 4 bottles a day. She seemed to do well with breakfast - weetabix or porridge so I took a bit of a step backwards and mushed her food more than she had been having and it helped.

    I think just do all you can to get her to eat, offering her favourite things. And if she'll only take milk then it's better than nothing so I would probably up her milk feeds personally...though I'm not sure if that's the right answer?

    Good luck hun, I hope she gets back to eating well soon. It will probably pass just as quickly as it started if she's anything like my LO?

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