Edinburgh Royal Infirmary...also in Preg

Hi I am planning on giving birth at RIE, and although this is my third baby, i have only recently moved to the area so have never given birth there before.

Can anyone who HAS given birth there please help me with some things...

can you have a mobile epidural? (rather than one than numbs you completely)

are there birthing pools? (i know 2 diff extremes but covering all bases)

induction - which floor?? (lift phobia)

do you get much help after the birth wiith feeding etc?



  • G/C no experience my self but have a fellow bi Sep 08 mummy who is from edinburgh so have sent her a wee message on FB, so hopefully if she is on soon she may be able to anwer your questions. Take care love fi
  • G/C no experience my self but have a fellow bi Sep 08 mummy who is from edinburgh so have sent her a wee message on FB, so hopefully if she is on soon she may be able to anwer your questions. Take care love fi
  • Hi there,

    Thanks Fi for giving me a nudge and asking me to take a look at this post.

    Yes I gave birth at ERI. It was a couple of years ago but I have plenty friends who have all given birth there and no horror stories from any of us.

    My experience was all pretty good. I was induced. Don't remember having to take a lift there. But maybe I did becuase I seem to remember having to take a lift to get to the coffee shop and WH Smith (was advised to go for a walk)

    Yes you can get mobile epidural. I asked for one and was going to get it but by the time anaesethist arrived I was too far along. Although a couple of my friends had it there and recommended it.

    Yes there are birthing pools. There are only a few and you should mention your interest as soon as you get there. You'll only get one if it is free so they need to know you want it.

    I have 2 friends had water births there, or laboured in pool and got out for delivery, and both enjoyed it.

    Where in Edinburgh are you be living ? Sometimes depending on location St Johns hospital in Livingston is an option for delivery. they have a reasonably new maternity unit and there are lots of birthing pools there and I think they focus on quite a holistic approach rather than medical, if you know what I mean.

    I had a good experience at ERI. I only stayed one night but could have stayed more, and wished I had. Although my friend stayed 4 nights purely to get help with feeding. So they are supportive. i preferred to go home and get home help for feeding but wish I had stayed. Its the only time a midwife is at the push of a button!

    Happy to answer any more questions. Just let me know. Good luck. S x
  • Hi Suz thanks so much. I live in North Berwick so although is around 45 mins away, ERI is the nearest.

    I had heard that people sometimes get turned away from ERI and end up having to go to St JOhn's? Have you heard of this happening??

    This would be my worst nightmare as ERI is so far to begin with never mind going to livingstone.

    Thanks so much for your description of ERI, puts my mind at rest. I havent had an Epi before but feel i really need one this time as last time was very difficult and baby was 9lb5, and i was induction both times and was told statistically ill need induced again. But on the other hand id hate to not be able to move, as im so claustrophobic at the best of times!so a mobile Epi sounds ideal.

    Thanks again

    Laura 30+3 with no. 3 xx
  • No problem Laura.

    North Berwick is lovely we often go for a day trip in the summer.

    When I was pregnant I heard stories of people being diverted to St Johns too. But my midwife reassured me it never happened. That was 2 years ago. And none of my friends ever had an issue.

    But if I'm going to be honest with you, it has happened recently to someone I know. She made it to St Johns and had a good experience there. Despite not having practiced the route and her partner getting lost numerous times.

    But if it was me and they had told me to go to St Johns then I would have continued onto ERI. They won't turn you away when you arrive at the door in labour. If they examine you and think that you've got time to go to St Johns they can send you in an ambulance with medical support.

    No chance of giving birth on your own on the M8 that way !
  • Hi Wannanother

    I had my little boy there in October and was induced. Ground floor to be induced, although I did take the lift to the labour ward. I'm sure there are stairs though.

    I was induced on a Saturday morning and had my little boy by lunchtime Sunday. No mobile epidural or water birth for me (meconium in waters).

    I can honestly say that I have no complaints. I was in for 4 days as I had a post partum haemorrhage and lost 2litres of blood . They looked after me so well and although it was the scariest experience of my life, my original midwife stuck with me through the whole operation and recovery. Just thought you'd like to know of someone who didn't just have a normal delivery then off home.

    All is well now though and wouldn't hesitate in going there for the next one.


    Lisa x

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